exploration areas

All Colby-Sawyer students explore subjects across the curriculum to broaden their knowledge in areas outside their major. Some exploration courses may also fulfill requirements in the major. Students choose one course from each of the following areas:

Fine and Performing Arts

Study of the arts helps students understand how artists create works in a studio environment or on stage. Select from options in Art, Media Studies, Dance, Music, Theatre, and Creative Writing.


The humanities explore the nature and meaning of human existence. Select from options in English, Humanities, Philosophy, Religion and Women's Studies.


Literature courses focus on a body of imaginative texts and challenge students to reflect on their own lives through encounters with literary themes. Select from options in English.


The study of science offers students an introduction to the use of the scientific method to formulate and test hypotheses in a broad, interdisciplinary context. Select from laboratory course options in Biology, Environmental Studies, Chemistry, and Physics.

Social Sciences

The study of the social sciences helps students explore the relationship between personal and social worlds and develop responsibility for themselves as well as the broader society in which they live. Select from options in Business Administration, Economics, Education, Political Studies, Psychology, and Sociology.


History courses help students understand the development of political, economic and social institutions and the evolution of contemporary social issues. Select from options in American Studies, Art History, and History.