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Thomas Kealy

Professor, Humanities
(603) 526-3457 |

Ph.D., University of Oregon. Among the topics he has taught are Shakespeare, world literature, and composition. is an expert in world literature and writing, focused on science and nature; the relationship between literature and science; and wilderness education. Among Professor Kealy's numerous awards are a Fulbright fellowship, a doctoral fellowship for international leadership, and the Jack Jensen Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Areas of Expertise

  • Composition and writing
  • Ecocriticism and the relationships among nature, literature, and science
  • World Literature

Research Interests

Comparative literatures of the early modern period (approximately 1500-1700), with a focus on natural history texts and emblem poetry written in Latin, English, Spanish and Arabic.

Classes Recently Taught

  • Writing 105: College Composition

  • World Literature I: Early texts of global cultures

  • World Literature II: Postcolonial and Postmodern literature

  • Voices of Islam: An exploration of the history and future of Islamic cultures

  • Understanding Islam: A survey of the arts and sciences of Islam

  • Judgment and Belief: Philosophy of the "Way"

  • Literature and Science: A Comparison of the “Two Cultures”

  • Thinking About Literature

  • Senior Capstone Seminar


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