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Kathryn Reynolds

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences
(603) 526-3679 |

Joined faculty in 2010. B.A. in biology from Wittenberg University, an M.S. in biological sciences from University of Alabama, and a Ph.D. in botany from Colorado State University. Professor Reynolds research interests include the reproductive strategies and hybridization of North American Pitcher Plants (genus: Sarracenia) and biogeography of microbial communities associated with plant leaf surfaces as well as amphibians. She has spent time conducting research internationally in Panama, Spain, and the Bahamas. Professor Reynolds would like to continue her work on inland blue holes (Bahamas) studying microbial composition by depth through the halocline. She currently collaborates with the Department of Energy's Joint Genome Institute conducting bioinformatic research with her students in courses that she teaches.

Areas of Expertise

  • Biology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetics
  • Plant Biology
  • Microbiology

Recent Presentations

  • C. Cohu, S. Abdel-Ghany, K. Gogolin Reynolds, A. Onofrio, J. Bodecker, J. Kimbrel, K. Niyogi, and M. Pilon. 2009. Copper delivery by the copper chaperone for chloroplast and cytosolic copper/zinc-superoxide dismutases: Regulation and unexpected phenotypes in an Arabidopsis mutant. Molecular Plant 2(6):1336-1350.

  • J. Burkhead, K. Gogolin Reynolds, S. Abdel-Ghany, C. Cohu, and M. Pilon. 2009. Copper homeostasis. New Phytologist 184 (2): 799-816.

  • Puig, Sergi, Helena Mira, Eavan Dorcey, Vincente Sancenon, Nuria Andres-Colas, Antoni Garcia-Molina, Jason L. Burkhead, Kathryn A. Gogolin, Salah E. Abdel-Ghany, Dennis J. Thiele, Joseph R. Ecker, Marinus Pilon, and Lola Penarrubia. 2007. Higher plants possess two different types of ATX1-like copper chaperones. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 354(2):385-390.

  • Pilon, Marinus, Salah E Abdel-Ghany, Christopher M Cohu, Kathryn A Gogolin, and Hong Ye. 2006. Copper cofactor delivery in plant cells. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 9(3):256-263.

  • Abdel-Ghany, Salah E.*, Jason L. Burkhead*, Kathryn A. Gogolin*, Nuria Andres-Colas, Jared R. Bodecker, Sergi Puig, Lola Penarrubia, and Marinus Pilon. 2005. AtCCS is a functional homolog of the yeast copper chaperone Ccs1/Lys7. FEBS Letters, 579: 2307-2312. (* Primary authors)


  • Wittenberg University (Biology), B.A. 1999
  • University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (Biological Sciences), M.S. 2002
  • Colorado State University (Botany), Ph.D. 2007