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Nicole Heller

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences and Education
(603) 526-3993 |

Joined faculty in 2013. B.A. from Wittenberg University; Ph.D, University of Maine. Professor Heller teaches courses in Developmental Psychology, Introduction to Psychology and Life Span Development. Her research interests examine the synergistic impact of adverse prenatal environments and non-optimal postnatal environments on infant socio-emotional development, specifically, maternal-infant dyadic interactions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Infancy, Maternal-Infant Interaction
  • Psychology
  • Socioemotional Development

Recent Presentations / Publications

  • Heller, N. A., Logan, B. A., Morrison, D. G., Brown, M. & Hayes, M. J. "Maternal Depression, Perceptions of the Infant, and Early Neurobehavioral Development in Methadone-Exposed Dyads" (under review).

  • Heller , N. A., Logan, B. A., Paul, J. A., Morrison, D. G., Shrestha, H., Brown, M. S. & Hayes, M. J. "Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Infant Neurobehavior at 1-Month and Maternal Perceptions in Treated and Non-Treated Methadone-Exposed and Comparison Infants." Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. May 2013.

  • Paul, J. A., Logan, B. A., Krishnan, R. Heller, N. A., Pritham, U. A., Tisher, P. W., Troese, M., Brown, M. S., & Hayes, M. "Development of Auditory Event-Related Potentials in Infants Prenatally Exposed to Methadone (in press).

  • Heller, N. A., Logan, B. A., Morrison, D. G., Brown, M. & Hayes, M. J. "Infant Neurobehavioral Development in Methadone-Exposed Infants Treated for Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome" (in preparation).


  • Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, 2013, University of Maine
  • B.A., Psychology, English, 2008, Wittenberg University