meet your counselor

Tracey Perkins - Class of '01

Director of Admissions

Territory: New Hampshire (Merrimack Valley), all Transfer students

Phone: (603) 526-3702

Admissions: (800) 272-1015

What do you like about the area? The New London area offers so much to the students of Colby-Sawyer College. The small town encourages students to get involved in the community and really become a part of the local businesses and organizations. As a student you can easily find part time work at a local store or business. The small town lends itself to a friendly wave and smile even to strangers in the grocery store!

What advice can you give a prospective student about the college search process? When going through the admissions process, I suggest to every family two pieces of advice. First, visit the schools you are considering. The “feel” of a college can not easily be portrayed in a view book. Take the time to explore a campus, talk to students, learn about the academics before you fall in love with a school, or rule one out. Second, make sure to take the time to get to know your admissions counselor. If you are unable to schedule an interview, an email, or brief telephone call is all it takes to introduce yourself to your counselor. The personal interaction with the counselor helps the school to make the best decisions regarding admissions qualifications.

What is your favorite area on campus? My favorite spot on campus is in the Dining Hall. It is the center of the action when classes are in session. On any given day you can simply go in for a brief meal while catching up on some reading or you can find yourself having a lengthy conversation with a student. In addition, the Dining Services Manager, Mike Heffernan is a legend among Colby-Sawyer College alumni. Students today continue to get personalized attention when it comes to dining needs.

Something about myself- As an alumna, who is married to alum of Colby-Sawyer College, I truly live the college each day. Friends and family often joke that our home is wall to wall covered in Colby-Sawyer memorabilia! When I am not working, I am an avid horseback rider who has competed on the Hunter/Jumper circuit since the age of five.