wesson honors quick page

Intellectual Curiosity

Some students succeed in school because of hard work. Others just “get it” when it comes to the classroom. For those who combine work ethic and natural ability with an intellectual curiosity, we offer the Wesson Honors Program. If you are a highly motivated and capable student, achieving a minimum 3.75 GPA, the Wesson Honors Program has been created just for you.

Benefits of the Program

• Our top academic scholarship of $96,000 (over four years)

• An even more rigorous academic learning experience

• Identification and recognition of outstanding intellectual inquiry

• Development of each student's leadership in the immediate and extended community

• A fostering of intellectual exchange between students, faculty and students, and the college community as a whole

Learn More About Wesson Honors

For more information, contact Ann Page Stecker, Coordinator, Honors Program, (603) 526-3644.