science pub

Science and its related fields have an enormous impact on our lives and our future. Yet, for many of us, understanding their complexity, is a challenge. Hence, AIL initiated a year ago, a new “Science Pub” to create an informal “conversation" on timely topics in the sciences with experts from a variety of fields. Open to the public and held in a social setting, it has proved very popular. Join us this fall in Galligan’s Pub at Lethbridge Lodge for the next series of “science Pubs”, another way to continue learning with AIL!

Each “Science Pub” will include a brief presentation at 6:00 p.m., followed by an informal Q & A session with presenters and participants alike. Folks can enjoy the social setting, food and drink (for purchase) and the company of fellow life-long learners interested in the sciences. Reservations, on a first-come-first-served basis, are required and can be made by contacting the AIL Event Registration Line, (603) 526-3434.

September 12 / Is It Safe? / Dr. Neil Shifrin

Environmental quality directly impacts our health and wellness. Our water, food, air, chemical products in our homes and the local landfill all play a role. What regulations protect both humans and wildlife? How do environmental scientists evaluate risk to our health and how can we apply this knowledge in our daily lives?

Dr. Neil Shifrin, PhD, Environmental Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Neil Shifrin founded a company specializing in environmental chemicals and human health risk assessment. He will lead a course this fall term for AIL entitled “The Environment in a Nutshell".

October 11 / Why Are Extreme Storms Increasing in New England? / Erich Osterberg

Erich studies how weather and glaciers respond to natural and human- caused climate change over time. His research has involved 15 remote expeditions over 16 years. He will describes the changes occurring and how they influence the storms we experience here in N.H.

Dr. Erich Osterberg, PhD at University of Maine, Fulbright Scholar, and an MSc in Geology

Erich has peer reviewed 37 publications and is also a part of a local network to help NH/VT community become more resilient to climate change.

November 8 / Warmer Soils and Climate Change: From the Artic to Your Backyard / Caitlin Hicks Pries

Soil stores more carbon then our atmosphere. What happens as the Artic permafrost (one of the largest stones of carbon) thaws? Caitlin’s research focuses on how climate change is affecting soils from the artic to our New England forests.

Dr. Caitlin Hicks Pries, PhD from University of Florida, Assistant Professor at Dartmouth

Caitlin has conducted soil research in California and Alaska, where her dog saved her from a grizzly bear!

December 13 / Marijuana Does it Work? / A Pharmaceutical Perspective / Dr. Robert Lyon

Marijuana use has become more common due to state legalization. How does the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA develop + market new drugs? FDA drugs will be compared to medical + recreational marijuana in terms of claimed benefits + potential safety issues.

Dr. Robert Lyon, PhD in Pharmaceutical from Albany Medical College, R + D at Proctor + Gamble

Robert has had 35 peer reviewed papers published. He will be leading “Drugs of Abuse a Pharmacologic Perspective” for AIL winter 2019.