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Rook Energy Solutions

Matt Hagerty '02 and Tim Ingraham '03
Rook Energy Solutions
Offices in Newbury, NH and Cumberland, ME
(603) 763-4592
(207) 272-0272
Alumni Discount: 20% off of a Platinum Energy Audit and 10% off all Weatherization/ Air Sealing Services

What exactly is your business all about?
Rook Energy Solutions provides energy audits and weatherization/air sealing services across Northern New England. We are focused on conserving energy and lowering monthly heating and cooling bills for property owners (both residential and small business). Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and New York use more heating oil than all other states in the U.S.; plus we have the oldest housing stock - meaning the opportunity to make an impact on a local and regional level is both evident and real. By investing in a home or small business with strategic air sealing and insulation, property owners will save money on annual energy bills, increase the property's seasonal comfort, increase their home's/business['s value, conserve energy locally, and decrease our nations dependence on foreign fuel(s).

How did you get started?
Since graduating from CSC, we have both been interested in regional and local conservation efforts. Growing up in New England and having first hand knowledge of how inefficiently many of the properties in the region were built (drafty homes, ice dams on roofs, enormous fuel costs, wet basements) led us towards this segment of the industry. We began discussing ideas and possible avenues to take that would help produce solutions for these problems. Our interest soon turned into action when we realized that we could actually make an impact by producing a product/service that was both desirable and necessary throughout New England. We did our research, invested resources in equipment and training, and took the leap!

Where does the name come from?
One of the first things we discussed was that if we were going to do this, we wanted it to be fun and rewarding. Starting a business in the current economy was a daunting idea, so we established a name for our company that would always remind us of the good times when things got tough. Rook Energy Solutions was derived from Colby-Sawyer's Rooke dorm, where we both lived at some point. We dropped the 'e' on the end as it gave us a great logo idea: a green chess piece with a leaf growing out of the bottom (CSC Alum Corey Rondeau '09 developed the logo for us!).

If you had one simple piece of advice for people to lower their heating costs, what would it be?
Each property is different, and saving at least 20% on annual energy bills can be achieved in almost every scenario (many times 30% or more!), but health standards need to be addressed in EVERY situation prior to air sealing or adding insulation to your home - so having an Energy Audit performed first is the wisest decision to make. The audit results will help you to decide which improvements will benefit your property the fastest and most effectively. Beyond that, increasing your furnace/boiler's efficiency by having it cleaned annually, utilizing an electricity monitoring device to better understand your electricity usage, and installing an Energy Star rated programmable thermostat will help to lower monthly energy costs. Also, property owners are at a great advantage today due to government tax incentives that offer up to 30% rebates for energy efficient improvements!

The biggest hindrance that we have encountered is that home owners have often been miss-informed on where the majority of energy loss stems from. Educating consumers is one of our main priorities; please feel free to call for a free consult at any time!