Chris Audet '94

Which dorm(s) did you live in?
Austin, Colby, Best and Page.

You got around. Any favorite memories of Colby-Sawyer?
Playing in the first ever men's soccer game in school history.

How do you think your classmates remember you?
I shudder to think about it. Probably as a fun loving guy.

Where do you live these days?
Searsport, Maine

What are you up to?
I just accepted a teaching/training position at the high school in Camden, Maine. I am also a sea kayaking guide and instructor. The most fun thing I do, though, is singing lead in a Van Halen Tribute Band called Balance.

Tell us more. I'm guessing there's a Myspace page?
Yup – check us out at The guys in the band are some of my best friends from childhood. The drummer and I have been friends since kindergarten.

The debate always rages: David Lee Roth vs. Sammy Hagar. Which era of Van Halen is your favorite?
I love them both. In fact we pride ourselves on being the only band that tributes both eras. I just happen to look more like Sammy than Dave.

And what about the short-lived Gary Cherone era? Vastly underrated or best forgotten forever?
It's all a part of their history and they made some good tunes. The best thing about the Cherone era is that on that tour they played some great old Dave era tunes like “Romeos Delight.”

Did you have the chance to see their recent tour?
My drummer and I saw them this May at the Verizon Center in Manchester. The music was amazing, but I don't think Roth has the voice anymore to pull it off.

So how does Balance compare to today's Van Halen?
Right now we stack up pretty good because we play it all. People who like Van Halen love us because we play a different set all the time and everybody takes a solo during the show and my bandmates are amazing. Plus we have so much fun on stage that it is contagious to the crowd. It really is a blast.

Favorite Van Halen album?
Tough question. Right now I will say “5150” and “Van Halen II.”

Favorite VH song? VERY tough one. It depends on the day. Right now it is “Dance the night away.”

Favorite quote? From David Lee Roth: “After all these years of partying and carrying on and abusing myself I still don't need glasses … I drink straight from the bottle!” And from Sammy Hagar it has to be “Catch your magic moment and do it right here and now it means everything.”

Any secrets from your college days that can finally be revealed?
I don't keep secrets.

Any last words for your fellow alumni? I hope all is well, and if you're ever on the coast of Maine stop by. And if Balance has a gig near your town, come on out and see us. I promise you will have a great time.

Final question: Who do you think the next Van Halen singer will be?
I think If Eddie can stay sober then Sammy will come back. But in a perfect world I would be the next lead singer for Van Halen.

Check out Balance at

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