Faces of Colby-Sawyer

Katelynn Yvon '15 believes that we need art now more than ever.

Anurup Upadhyay '15 is moving up the corporate ladder.

William Peters '06 is the director of the award-winning short film "Motel."

Kelsey Barberi LaPerle '02 skates to win with Central Vermont Roller Derby.

Laurie Ferguson '75 was the executive director of NH Made.

Collin Bray '06 has launched an organization to promote charitable giving in Boston.

Patricia Woodburn Cloutier '83 owns a dance studio and performs in two bands. But it's her fingers that really sparked our interest.

Brian Kerkhoven '01 runs the Rochester District Office of Congressman James T. Walsh (R - NY).

Chris Audet '94 is unchained as the lead singer of Balance, a Van Halen tribute band.

Ann Parsons Klump '60 is a working clown and a recent college graduate.

Alisha Diliberto '02 protects and serves as a police officer in Waltham, Mass.

Matt Richards '95 is director of athletics and head men's basketball coach at Southern Maine Community College.

Shannon McLaughlin Scully '91 is planning a musical journey that will take her across the globe.

Diane Shugrue Gallagher '57 received the President's Call to Service Award for her service in the Peace Corps.

Brian Morrisey '97 has published his influential poetry magazine, POESY, since he was 14 years old.

Maryellen Skulski Mitrano '00 has a special affinity for Halloween. Face the horror ... if you dare!

Kate Van Rensselaer Rench '94 serves up elegant cuisine at her restaurant, Café Diva.