Brian Morrisey '97

Which dorm(s) did you live in?
Best, Colby, Burpee and Rooke.

What do you remember most about Colby-Sawyer?
It's where I learned to get some drive in my life. Being the managing editor for the Colby-Sawyer Courier taught me that you have to take your own personal approach to everything. We changed the logo and font and we tried to get a little controversial, to make people want to read it every week.

How might your classmates remember you?
Possibly from my freshman year performance as Billy Bibbit in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." I had the nickname "Bibs" for quite a while.

Where do you live now?
Santa Cruz, California. I came out here to visit a classmate and instantly fell in love with the place. There is an artistic and creative vibe unlike anywhere else in the country. Ask anyone here. We've all tried to leave but you just can't. No other place will suffice.

What are you doing these days?
Since I was 14 I have published the poetry magazine POESY, available on the Web at It's a small, 20-page magazine in which I have published poets from all over the world. Each issue contains about 28 poems, two hard-hitting interviews, 13-15 photos and a couple of book reviews. I've tried to break away from traditional poetry and make it more exciting and accessible than it has been in the past. POESY has caught on in a lot of circles and was voted best local publication by Club Deluxe's The Word Party in San Francisco.

Poets don't exactly command the respect they once did, do they?
No. No one is getting rich off poetry. You have to write because it is a part of your expression. Many poets, like myself, tend to be less vocal, but write to burn words through pages like wild fire. But yeah, none of us are making any headlines, only in our small press tight-knit family.

How do you support yourself?
I work for a laser optics company, something I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be content with! But the job has allowed me to travel to China five times now, so the whole experience has been more than satisfying!

So who's your favorite poet?
David Lerner. He put out three amazing books and is the most underrated poet. He coined the phrase, "Poetry you can actually read." Lerner knew how to take an image and set it ablaze with heartfelt description like no other I have ever read.

Least favorite poet?
Billy Collins.

Last book read?
Bangkok Tattoo. I never read trashy fiction, but I figured I would give it a shot while being trapped in Japan for endless hours. It was actually quite entertaining.

Favorite TV show?
I get bored with TV after about 20 minutes. Maybe anything on CCTV's Chinese channel. I am trying to learn Chinese, so I often try to figure out what the hell is going on there a lot of time.

What would your classmates be surprised to learn about you?
Many probably never knew that I wrote poetry in college let alone run a magazine for this long. I surprise myself sometimes that I am working on my 36th issue.

Anything you'd like to say to your fellow alumni?
Drop me a line at I am thankful for my experience at Colby-Sawyer. I would have drowned at a larger school.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring poets?
Break away from clichés and self-centeredness. I know it is hard being a poet and all, but there is so much out in the world that could use a dose of feeling.

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