Matt Richards '95

Which dorm(s) did you live in?
I started in Shepard Hall my freshman year. My next two years were spent in the basement of Best. Senior year I shared an apartment on campus.

Where do you live now?
I live in South Portland, Maine, with my wife, Maureen, and our two daughters, Ally (4) and Emily (2).

What are you up to these days?
I'm the director of athletics and head men's basketball coach at Southern Maine Community College. It's very rewarding and demanding at the same time. Being involved in coaching and athletics is really not a job but a lifestyle. I'm fortunate that I have family and friends that support that lifestyle.

Does being a coach give you newfound sympathy for your old Colby-Sawyer coach, Bill Foti?
Well, Coach Foti had some great one liners that I'm not sure I can say like he did, but I do have sympathy for him when I think back to the early days of Colby-Sawyer Men's Basketball. The program has grown so much. I think that people forget the early years and what the program had to go through to gain the credibility it has today. He did a nice job working through those times.

Any bad habits your players have that remind you of yourself back at Colby-Sawyer?
You'd have to ask Coach Foti what my bad habits were. I'm sure he'd be able to colorfully describe them to you!

Anything that your classmates would be surprised to know about you?
I'm sure some would find it hard to believe that I obtained a master's degree.

Which faculty or staff member had the biggest impact on you?
Dr. Rick LaRue, former chair of the ESS department, really helped me find a passion in the class room that I didn't have when I was a high school student. Biggest impact from a staff member was Karin Berthiaume, assistant director of Residential Education. She really made sure that everyone felt like they belonged within the community.

Favorite quotation?
"You only have one time to make the first impression. When in public, act as though the people you are interacting with are meeting you for the first time. What do you want their first impression to be?" I tell this to my players all the time.

Who's your pick to win an NCAA title this year?
I like Duke every year because of Coach K. I think Notre Dame could make a nice run.

Any secrets from your college days that can now be revealed?
I guess the safest secret to tell in case I run for public office some day is that, yes, I was involved with the short lived "tradition" (or at least I was told it was a tradition) of the men's basketball team streaking on Mountain Day.

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