Katelynn Yvon '15

Katelynn Yvon '15

Howís life after graduation treating you?

I really canít complain! Iím currently a freelance artist and I also teach classes so really I couldnít be happier.

Tell us more!

The past year or so I've been apprenticing for Kevin Brodeur in Natchez, Mississippi, as well as curating for the local art gallery. I've also been teaching classes at the local clay studio. In between doing all of that I have been making and selling my own art. I actually got into a gallery show near Lake Charles, Louisiana, that was on April 7. I got into a lot of different ads and newspapers and my art is even in a catalog, so Iím very thankful for the opportunities Iíve gained down here.

What motivates you to create art?

I think that creating art is very important work. I believe that visual arts are a window into how people think and who people are. But art isn't just a form of expression; it's a form of historical record. It takes the thoughts and ideas of people and manifests them in a way that others can really relate to and understand. I think thatís something we need now more than ever.

Do you think Colby-Sawyer prepared you for the real world?

CSC did a great job to prepare me with certain skill sets to help further me in my career. I can say without question I am a better painter and overall artist thanks to Colby-Sawyer.

Which staff or faculty member inspired you most?

The college has a very inspiring staff and it's hard to really choose just one. Professor Bert Yarborough really taught me a lot and was just always there for me and all of his students. Another professor that had an impact on me was David Ernster. I had taken some ceramics classes before, but he really got me into ceramics and sculpting which I still do today. As far as staff is considered, Tom Bates from campus safety is really top notch. He's is just such an incredibly kind person and really goes out of his way to help others. Another staff member I remember in particular is Nancy Powers. My friend Bri and I would always stay in the painting studio very late and she cleaned up the building at night. She's so bubbly and kind and it always brightened our nights when we saw her.

Any favorite memories of Colby-Sawyer?

I have a lot of really good memories from Colby-Sawyer, but some that stand out in particular are playing baseball at 2 AM on the quad, midnight Dennyís runs, and playing frisbee at night whether it be a clear sky or raining. I actually ice skated for the first time on a rink they made on campus. But one memory I will always go back to is during my sophomore year there was supposed to be a blood moon, so my friends Jordan, Bri, and I all set alarms for 3 a.m. But when we got outside and saw the sky it was completely overcast. We were going to go back inside but someone else was outside playing their ukulele and I happened to bring mine. We ended up singing and playing for hours. Itís so simple but itís a memory that brings me joy and reminds me of how kind the people that go to CSC really are.

Any advice for current seniors as they prepare to graduate?

Just make sure to never lose yourself and donít stop doing the work that you love to do. Keep going. Keep pushing. I promise you, it will all be okay.