class agents

The role of a Colby-Sawyer class agent is to assist the college with the important work of reaching out to alumni and fostering connections between the college and classmates. The goals of a class agent are to build alumni participation in the life of the college and to support the financial stability of the college by continually increasing annual gifts from classmates.

If you are interested in becoming an agent for your class or for more information, please contact Tracey Austin at

Current Roster

Class Year Class Agent
1936-1943 Class Agents needed
1944 Shirley Tunison Eustis
1945 Nancy Dean Maynard
1946 Beverly Walker Wood
1947 Cornella Fay Rendell-Wilder
1948 Sybil Adams Moffat
1949 Class Agent needed
1950 Rita Ferris Briggs
1951 Ruth Gray Pratt
1952 Joan Rablin Keppler
1953 Jane Pearl Dickinson
1954 Elizabeth Moss Phillips
1955 Class Agent needed
1956 Nancy Hoyt Langbein
1957 Class Agent needed
1958 Class Agent needed
1959 Judith Christie Anderson & Judith Gilmore Getchell
1960 Gale Hartung Baldwin
1961 Prudence Jensen Heard
1962 Margot Fraker Wynkoop
1963 Joan Gibney Whittaker
1964 Class Agent needed
1965 Judith G. Butler
1966 Susan E. Weeks
1967 Anne Baynes Hall
1968 JoAnn Franke Overfield & Marilyn Rouse Phillips
1969 Class Agent needed
1970 Gale Spreter
1971 Susan Moe-Raposo
1972 Class Agent needed
1973 Catherine Moore Pomeroy
1974 Susan Brown Warner
1975 Candace Booker Elefante
1976 Teresa Meighan Hacunda and L. Brooks Rolston
1977 Class Agent needed
1978 Jody Hambley Cooper & Linda Pianowski Flahive
1979 B. Ann Waggaman
1980 Mary Ellen Blatchford Walker
1981 Mary Kyle Dyer-Martin
1982 Amy Coburn Ferris
1983 Sharon Roper Alphas
1984 Nancy Sullivan Bussiere
1985 Margaret Rogers Andrews
1986 Karen Craffey Eldred
1987 Sandra Couch-Kelly & Constance Hooker Panetski
1988 Class Agent needed
1989 Class Agent needed
1990 Jill M. Dean
1991 Gretchen D. Garceau-Kragh
1992 Kelly Lynch Collins
1993 Dale Murphy Rozek
1994 Hillary Waldbaum
1995 Wendy Mansson Olsen
1996 Class Agent needed
1997 Frank B. Abel IV
1998 Andrea Pueschel Reilly
1999 Keith A. Perkins
2000 Class Agent needed
2001 Tracey Guarda Perkins
2002 Maura A. Brady
2003 Kori E. Johnson & Kerstin A. Swenson
2004 Eric J. Emery & Erica L. Reeder
2005 Cheryl A. Oliveira
2006 Class Agent needed
2007 Katina Marie Caraganis, Janine DeSerres & Nicole Kenney
2008 Class Agent needed
2009 Aubrey Thomas
2010 Class Agent needed