clubs and organizations

Internships & Careers…

Colby-Sawyer Art students have interned with museums and art centers, advertising agencies, publishers, and design studios throughout the United States.

Clubs & Organizations…

Singing, theater and other groups are open to Art students and others interested in participating.

Anime Club

The purpose of this organization is to view samples of anime (Japanese animation) received from various companies, to showcase projects made by club members and to hold intelligent conversations about themes of anime and manga (Japanese graphic novels).

Colby-Sawyer Singers

This vocal group is comprised of students and other members of the college and area communities. The Singers perform two shows a year at the college's Sawyer Center Theatre.

Colby-Sawyer Players

This student-run organization gives all students an opportunity to be involved with theatrical productions. The Colby-Sawyer Players produces a small-scale theatrical production each year in either the fall or spring semester. The organization gives students opportunities to discuss theater with other students who appreciate the performing arts and promote theater appreciation across the college and area communities.

Colby-Sawyer Dance Club

The Colby-Sawyer Dance Club gives students opportunities to explore their creative talents through various forms of dance. This student- run organization produces two shows, "An Evening of Dance" in the fall and "Expressions of Dance" in the spring. A variety of styles and techniques are showcased from Classical Ballet to Hip Hop and Jazz. Students, as well as alumni and other dancers and teachers, choreograph the dances.

Graphic Design Students Alliance

The purpose of this organization is to improve the surrounding community through design and provide Colby-Sawyer Graphic Design students with artistic growth and career-building opportunities.