studio art: printmaking

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Singing, theater and other groups are open to Art students and others interested in participating.

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All of our Art faculty members share a teaching philosophy which emphasizes respect for personal expression and individual creativity.

Located in the Sawyer Fine Arts Center, the printmaking studio offers students a well-lighted and convenient area for classes and individual work. Since printmaking began in Europe in the 15th century, it has been re-invented and re-born several times, especially as working artist-printmakers have introduced new technologies and new approaches to the medium.

At the introductory level, printmaking students study the four basic printmaking areas: intaglio, stone lithography, relief and screenprinting. Students also study original contemporary and old master prints.

As students progress through the curriculum, they advance to new processes, techniques and materials, including: monotypes, collagraphy, chine-collé, multicolor printing, and papermaking. In the advanced courses, students are encouraged to explore and experiment with other process of historical and contemporary interest.

Please see the college catalog for specific requirements.

Gladys Greenbaum Meyers Juried Student Art Exhibition

Each year the Fine and Performing Arts Department offers every student the opportunity to enter the Juried Student Art Exhibition. This annual exhibit showcasing student work is made possible by a significant gift from Gladys Greenbaum Meyers '39, an avid and longtime supporter of the arts.

Capstone Project: The Senior Art Exhibition

Every senior completes a Capstone project, a culmination of work in their fields of study that allows them to demonstrate a deep understanding of a body of knowledge and perspectives informed by that knowledge. Each year during the spring semester, senior art students exhibit their strongest works in the Mugar Art Gallery. This exhibition is a required component of the Capstone Experience for all art majors.

Merit Scholarships

Art and Graphic Design students are eligible to apply for merit awards at any point, including prior to being accepted. More information about merit scholarships is available on the Admission's web site.