Captains of Industry

Learn from professors with impressive academic backgrounds who draw upon years of business experience in finance, international business, banking, not-for-profit management, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship — men and women who have been honored with numerous awards, are published in their fields of expertise, and are sought after as presenters for conferences across the globe.

With small classes, faculty take the time to get to know you and care about your success. They advise you on academics, internships and careers, collaborate with you on research projects, and join you outside the classroom for field trips, club events and campus activities.

  • Jonathan McCosh

    Associate Professor, School of Business & Social Sciences
    603.526.3402 | jonathan.mccosh@colby-sawyer.edu

    Joined the faculty in 2013. He holds a D.B.A. from Nova Southeastern University and M.B.A. from Babson College. Professor McCosh's teaching interests include marketing, management, health care administration and finance, and strategic planning. His professional interests include government health care programs, nursing home administration, strategic planning, and health care administration and finance. read more…

  • Jody E. Murphy

    Professor, School of Business & Social Sciences
    603.526.3631 | jemurphy@colby-sawyer.edu

    Joined the faculty in 2004. She holds a Ph.D. from Capella University and an M.B.A. from New Hampshire College. Professor Murphy's teaching interests include finance, personal finance, managerial accounting, financial accounting, and investment management. Professional interests include financial markets, New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and personal finance.

  • Jeffrey Phillips

    Assistant Professor, School of Business & Social Sciences
    603.526.3020 | jphillips@colby-sawyer.edu

    Professor Phillips joined the faculty in 2009. He holds an M.B.A. from Nichols College and teaches economics, personal finance and first year seminar. Professor Phillips' professional interests include economics, money and banking, corporate finance and personal finance. read more…

  • William F. Spear

    Associate Professor, School of Business & Social Sciences
    603.526.3768 | wspear@colby-sawyer.edu

    Joined the faculty full time in 2008. Professor Spear holds a D.B.A. from Walden University College of Management and Technology and an M.B.A. from Norwich University. He is the owner and manager of Foresight Consulting and Development. Professor Spear's areas of expertise include marketing, operations and quantitative analysis, and his professional interests include strategic planning/management, operations management/6 Sigma, marketing and consumer behavior.

  • Loren Wehmeyer Ph.D.

    Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Business & Social Sciences
    603.526.3782 | loren.wehmeyer@colby-sawyer.edu

    Professor Wehmeyer holds an M.B.A. from Upper Iowa University, an M.S. in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in geoscience from the University of Iowa. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, management, finance and sustainability, and is especially interested in helping Colby-Sawyer students start their own businesses and connect with the area's vibrant entrepreneurial network. Professor Wehmeyer's applied research is in water resources management; as a licensed civil engineer, he has consulted worldwide — from the Middle East to Europe, and from Alaska to Florida.