Catalyzers of Change

Our faculty are a positive force both on their students and within their discipline. Not only will you learn from experts who are passionate and connected to the greater scientific community, you can also roll up your sleeves and partner with them on projects.

Learn from experts who specialize in everything from pharmacology and toxicology to genetics and evolution. Join them in the lab, in the forest or on the water.

  • Harvey Pine

    Associate Professor, School of Arts & Sciences
    Environmental Science & Studies Program Coordinator
    603.526.3059 | hpine@colby-sawyer.edu

    Professor Pine joined the faculty in 2008. He holds a Ph.D. from Auburn University where he focused on shrimp aquaculture and environmental impacts associated with inland low-salinity aquaculture. He has taught a variety of courses including: Introduction to Environmental Science, Climate Change, Introduction to Geology, Soil and Water Chemistry and Community Based Research. Professor Pine is on a leave of absence for 2018-19. read more…

Adjunct Faculty

  • Nick Fletcher
  • Brian Patenaude