Commencement 2011

Academic Regalia

Students who plan to march in the Commencement ceremony on May 9 must wear academic regalia.

What is academic regalia?

A Baccalaureate degree student will wear a black gown, mortar-board (black hat), tassel and a colorful hood. Associate Degree students do not wear a hood.

How do I get regalia?

Purchase regalia from the Follett Colby-Sawyer Campus Bookstore here.

Ordering begins Feb. 20 and all orders must be placed by April 1.

Where do I get regalia?

Pick up will take place at the Follett Colby-Sawyer Campus Bookstore during Senior Week, May 5-9.

How much will this cost?

The total cost for regalia, which includes cap, gown, hood and tassel, is included in the $100 Commencement Fee.

How do I know what color hood to wear?

The satin colors represent the Colby-Sawyer colors of blue and white. The velvet edge represents your degree:

  • Bachelor of Arts – Light Blue
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – Brown
  • Bachelor of Science – Gold

How do I pay the Commencement Fee?

The commencement fee of $100 covers Commencement expenses and regalia. You may pay this fee here.

More questions regarding regalia?

Stop by the Follett Colby-Sawyer Campus Bookstore or contact Mairim Saavedra at (603) 526-3715 or