college communications

Communications Staff

Kate Seamans
Senior Director of Communications
Colgate 221; 526-3878

Ryan Emerson
Director of Sports Information
Hogan Center; 526-3783

Kellie Spinney
Assistant Director of Communications
Colgate 222; 526-3418

Jaclyn Goddette
Colgate 211; 526-1722

Nancy Sepe
Senior Graphic Designer
Colgate 224; 526-3917

Edward Germar
Associate Director of Publications
Colgate 223; 526-3728

Communications Guides and Policies

Communications Office Campus Services

  • Athletics and Sports events/information

  • Editing, proofreading

  • Media inquiries

  • News releases, publicity

  • Production and printing

  • Publications, 3- and 4-color marketing pieces

  • Website technical assistance

Publicity, Advertising and Media Relations

The Communications Office provides news and event information for internal publications (Colby-Sawyer website); research, development, production and placement of news releases and stories for broadcast, electronic, or print media; public service announcements for broadcast media; community calendar listings; and preparation for media interviews, in the following subject areas: faculty, staff, student news; awards, achievements, activities; publicity about programs; hometown news; student activities, events and projects.

Please note: News releases should be sent to the media three weeks in advance and this may require two-to-three weeks of advance preparation, depending on staff workloads. News releases for major events should be sent to the media a month in advance and may require several weeks of preparation.

How to Access Services

The workload in Communications can be variable, depending on the time of the year or cycle of news events. Please use the Project Request Form, accessed through the myCommunications section of the myColbySawyer site, for your request.

For athletics and sports, please contact Ryan Emerson.

Proofreading and Editing

The Communications Office provides proofreading and editing services for college publications and advertisements/promotional materials intended for external audiences. These include brochures, news releases, event and commencement programs, schedules of events, white papers, and all other pieces to be printed by outside vendors. Although individual department heads are responsible for website content related to their respective areas, the Communications Office can assist in editing/proofreading new text for major promotional pages.

Please note: Colby-Sawyer applies The Colby-Sawyer Style Guide, based on the Associated Press Stylebook, in all of its publications. This style guide offers guidelines for formatting, punctuation, word usage and thousands of other elements that go into creating professional-looking documents. We apply these guidelines to ensure that your end product meets college style standards because consistency and appearance are important in our printed materials. Readers will judge the quality of our institution, people and programs by the quality of our publications.

How to Access Services

Please use the Project Request Form, accessed through the myCommunications section of the myColbySawyer site, for all proofing and editing requests.

Design and Production of Print and Advertising Material

The Communications Office designs print advertisements (display or transaction ads), one- or two-color brochures, flyers, postcards, posters, and other promotional pieces cost effectively and to conform to image standards. If you design your own print ad(s), please have the Communications Office review them before they go to the printer or outside vendor.

Please note: If you routinely use an ad template (for ads such as those produced by the Dan and Kathleen Hogan Sports Center and Human Resources), you do not need us to review them. However, you are welcome to ask us to proof these types of ads.

How to Access Services

As soon as you know you will need an ad, brochure, or other promotion piece, please use the Project Request Form on the myCommunications section of the myColbySawyer site. Earlier is better, even if it's months in advance and you don't yet have all the details. The following information is necessary:

  • Amount in your budget to cover the cost of the piece(s) and which college account to charge;
  • Any other information that affects communicating with your target audience;
  • Date(s), time(s), location(s), fee(s) for your event, program;
  • Deadlines under which you are working;
  • Number of units to be produced for each promotional piece.

For proofing of ads or other materials, please allow at least four working days and place your request through the Project Request Form on the myCommunications section of the myColbySawyer site.


College Communications is responsible for oversight of the college's website. The Communications Office currently offers editorial and design services for campus departments and offices. We can advise college offices on creating strong content and compelling images, creating Web pages and PDFs, and generally on improving or expanding sites within the college website.

Although individual departments and offices are responsible for the content of Web pages related to their respective areas, we are happy to help you brainstorm, develop ideas, propose links, or review graphic or photographic images, etc. We can also assist in putting print publications online, and publishing online promotional/marketing materials.

How to Access Services

Please use the Project Request Form, accessed through the myCommunications section of the myColbySawyer site, for all Web-related requests.

Questions or Concerns?

We are happy to speak with you directly with your questions or concerns. Please contact Kellie Spinney at 603-526-3418 or