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Kevin Flaherty '14, Athletic Training major

You Can Get Here from There

As Kevin Flaherty '14, an Athletic Training major, begins his junior year, he reflects on why he chose Colby-Sawyer, the unexpected ways athletics has helped him adjust to college, and what he recommends for other aspiring college students to survive, and even thrive, in their first year.

Why He Is Here (and Not Elsewhere)

I chose Colby-Sawyer for the small class sizes and the atmosphere around campus. CSC differs from other schools because of the close relationships you build with the faculty, advisors and students here. I feel, as an individual and as a student, that I have grown since I was a senior in high school. College has helped me develop into the kind of person I want to be.

Off to a Good Start

When I think back to my first year at Colby-Sawyer, I was very nervous, but it was an excited nervousness. I was selected to participate on the men's soccer team, and this meant I had to come to school earlier, before my whole class came. This was beneficial because I formed some great relationships with my teammates and the athletes on different teams on campus.

By being active in intercollegiate sports, and through my experiences in everyday college life, I have made some wonderful friends. Playing a Division III college sport has made me focus even more on my academics because you have to balance playing a sport and your academics. Colby-Sawyer does a great job supporting student athletes.

Cool Stuff He Gets to Do

I have not yet completed my internship, but I did a six-week rotation with the Colby-Sawyer women's lacrosse team. This was a great experience because I was able to interact with the team, the upperclassmen Athletic Training students, and the Certified Athletic Trainers. Th experience was very beneficial to me because it increased my confidence and skill levels working in the clinic.

Staying Close to Home

I didn't experience homesickness because I was only an hour-and-a half away from my home and I knew I could go visit my parents any time. I survived my first semester by building relationships with people on campus, faculty, students, and this helped feel a part of CSC. I also needed to learn to balance sports and peer relationships while keeping academics number one on the list.

Don't Chase your Tail

The best tips I can offer new college students is to be organized with your academics and get to know your professors. I say 'be organized' because there is a lot of work coming from all of your classes, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. If you can keep everything organized and stay on top of your work, college is going to be much more enjoyable than constantly chasing your tail because you are behind.

Get to Know Your Professors

Getting to know your professors is something every college student should do because it will help you understand their style of teaching, how they grade, and it will help them understand the way you learn. Also it helps to know your professors because when you graduate, they will write letters of recommendation for jobs you are interested in. I have always found my professors very helpful and invested in my educational goals, too.

How He Became Outdoorsy

My Pathway, The Outdoorsy Type, really expanded my academic horizon. I say this because I am from a big suburb of Boston, Mass., where there are not a lot of nature and outdoor activities like here in New London, N.H. This class…opened my eyes to the environment and the activities we can participate in in nature. I have gone rock climbing, mountain climbing, and of course, skiing here at Colby-Sawyer. I have come to love New Hampshire and may even settle here in the future.

Jump Right In at Colby-Sawyer

Try new clubs and do whatever you are interested in. Colby-Sawyer does a great job of getting everyone on campus involved, from people who like to hike, paint, play intramural sports. Anything you can think of or may be interested in, Colby-Sawyer can make it happen. If I had to pick one thing that students should not miss at Colby-Sawyer, it is Mountain Day! Classes are cancelled and everyone can enjoy a beautiful fall hike for the day. It brings the whole campus together,

What He Wishes He Knew Sooner

I wish I knew more about the interesting clubs that we have on campus. During my experience looking at colleges, schools would only list the clubs they had on campus, but they never went into detail about the different clubs and how easy it is to get involved.

His Plan for the Future

I would love to go to grad school to get a master's degree in Athletic Training so that I can be an athletic trainer at the college or professional level.

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