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Who We Are:
Michael Clark, Admissions Counselor

Michael Clark  

Michael Clark near his new office in Colgate Hall. Photo: Kimberly Slover.

Admissions counselor Michael Clark joined the Colby-Sawyer staff in August. Kimberly Slover recently spoke to him about his new job, his background, New Hampshire and his love of higher education and the Red Sox.

You're one of three new Admissions counselors hired by the college. What made you a good candidate? What are your new job responsibilities?

I think that I'm suited to this job for a number of reasons. I have just graduated from another small liberal arts college in Burlington, VT., called Saint Michael's. I am a strong writer and think I can be a personable and positive contact in admissions. Most of all I know first hand the value of the type of education offered students here and am very passionate about it.

What attracted you to the idea of working for Colby-Sawyer College and in the field of Admissions?

I love higher ed, and I wanted to find a place where I could be part of a community. I was attracted to all of the contact I would have with prospective students, faculty and staff in Admissions. Also, I have a little itch to travel.

What are some the college's selling points that you'll stress to prospective students?

I almost feel like my job isn't needed; this is such an easy school to sell. I am certainly going to point out the beautiful New England campus, the unique liberal arts program involving Pathways, the small classes and more personal connection between students and faculty.

Where are you from? What brings you to New Hampshire?

I grew up in Henniker, N.H., so I have a strong connection to the state and a definite sense of home here. I am reminded of why I love it here on my drive into work every day—following a road that winds through mountains, lakes and trees.

As a brand new graduate, how would you describe your college experience?

I would describe the experience at Saint Michael's College as being one of growth and transition, where I really grew into who I am and came to value what I do. I was given a lot of guidance there, but I was also challenged to find my own opinions and to ground them with research and reason.

What was your academic major, and how did you get interested in that field of study? How do you think your studies will assist you in your new position?

I graduated with a B.A. in psychology. I was drawn to that area of study because I am always interested in and searching for why people behave the way we do, and why we are who we are. I think coming from a background which seeks to study and understand human behavior will prove very helpful in meeting with prospective students and getting a sense of how they might fit with Colby-Sawyer.

What is the transition like from college to your first full-time professional job? Are your classmates having luck in landing their first jobs as well?

I have to say I am much more organized here (ha ha). Being kind of a night owl, I'm still adjusting to an early start time, so the coffee machine in the Thorton Living Room has already become a close personal friend. My friends from school are also starting jobs, though I don't think they are as enthusiastic as I am. I love higher ed and feel very fortunate to be staying in an environment dedicated to learning.

Tell us about some of your other interests. What do you do in your free time?

I love anything that involves being active and being outdoors. I'm a big reader, perhaps an even bigger movie buff, and recently I've also taken up playing guitar. Any time left over is spent nursing a love/hate relationship with the Boston Red Sox, which I'm sure quite a few people here can relate to.

What's your favorite book or movie of the summer?

“An Incovenient Truth” with Al Gore, unlikeliest movie star, ever.