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college delays and closings

Colby-Sawyer College Delays and Closings Policy

The college will make every effort to remain open, but it may be necessary to delay or close the college due to unavoidable conditions, most often due to inclement weather. The status of the college is decided jointly by the Chief Academic Officer and the Senior Vice President.

The college strives to make:

  • The decision to close the campus for the day or to delay opening by 6 a.m.
  • The decision to close campus for the evening by 2 p.m.

The Windy Hill School will follow the college schedule.


Colby-Sawyer College is a residential college that is staffed by various departments 24/7 on schedules that may vary from the official 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours. In the case of inclement weather and the college does not declare a delayed opening or closing, nonessential personnel should decide at their discretion if they will travel to campus for all or part of the work day. Essential personnel (facilities, campus safety and dining) should plan to come to work unless otherwise instructed by their supervisor.


The official opening time for the college is 8 a.m. A delayed opening means the college will open at 10 a.m. If the college announces a delayed opening, all first-shift employees (other than those designated as “essential” personnel) should report to work at 10 a.m. If an employee's regular start time is different from the college's official opening time of 8 a.m. employees should report to work at 10 a.m. or at their regular start time, whichever is later.

Classes scheduled with a start time before 10 a.m. are canceled by a delayed opening. The college will resume its regular academic schedule beginning at 10 a.m. if there has been a delayed opening.


When the college is in the process of closing (campus notification issued), is closed, or is in the process of reopening, all classes are canceled and offices are closed. Only functions deemed essential to college operations will take place until further notice. Accordingly, essential personnel pre-designated by senior leadership as accountable for essential functions may be required to stay on campus or may be called into campus to perform essential functions. The college is considered closed to all persons except to resident students and those pre-designated necessary to perform essential functions. Consequently, all persons not pre-designated should not be on campus or return to campus until normal operations resume. This requirement is necessary to provide for the appropriate safety and security of the campus community and facilitate the return of the campus to open status. Any variations from this standard will be communicated by email to faculty, staff and students.

Announcements to College Community

Announcements of a delay or closing are made by 6 a.m. whenever possible through the following communications vehicles:

• CSC ALERT is sent to registered community members through text messaging and e-mail. Register here.

• The Colby-Sawyer College homepage.

• A message on the college's main telephone number, 603-526-3000. A recorded message will inform employees if the campus is closed or opening delayed. If the regular phone greeting is on, employees should assume the college is open for business as usual.

• Announcement through major media venues in the region, including WMUR-TV Channel 9 and WNTK (99.7 FM).

Media inquiries should be directed to Kate Seamans, senior director of College Communications, at 526-3878.

This policy was updated November 2016.