my capstone experience

Courtney Bodine '08

Courtney Bodine '08, a Graphic Design major from Warner, N.H., discusses her senior Capstone project, which involved collecting a portfolio of the work she created as a student . The Capstone project, which involves extensive research and presentation, is the culmination of each student's academic experience and part of the Liberal Education Program at Colby-Sawyer College. After graduation, Bodine plans to move to New York City and find work as a graphic designer.

Describe the subject of your Capstone project and why you chose to focus on this subject.

The subject for my Capstone is a collection of my work from my four years at Colby-Sawyer. I focused on choosing works that show enormous amounts of effort, time, and overall interest - and works that have been inspired by researching other great designers who have influenced my work.

What did you learn through your Capstone project, and in what ways is it a culmination of your learning experiences at Colby-Sawyer?

I learned a lot about critiquing my own design and artwork while creating my Capstone portfolio. I had to narrow my body of work by more than 50% to show the pieces that offer the most strength as a designer.

What was most fun and rewarding for you in the process of creating your Capstone?

The most rewarding moment in the entire Capstone project was having a finished product that I am extraordinarily proud of - I can't tell you how great it is to create something that you are excited to share with people. I also feel lucky because I learned so much at Colby-Sawyer, and I think that it shows in my final portfolio.

What did you find most challenging and difficult about the project?

The most challenging part of the Capstone experience was narrowing my body of work for the presentation. I feel a significant attachment to a lot of my work, so I felt that I needed to share all of it with everyone, but in time I realized that it's not about showing everyone what you can do, it's showing people things that communicate great skills and strength as a designer.

What do you hope will be the lasting value of your Capstone project, both for you and others?

The lasting value that I hope to communicate is that graphic design is an intense form of visual communication, and so much of that has been taken away by the use of computers. I strive for originality and creativity in my designs by using materials such as torn paper and actual paint marks and pen lines in my designs, creating a message that can't be communicated to masses just by using the computer.