my faculty experience

Assistant Professor of Humanities Margaret Wiley

“Anytime students are talking with their families about what they're learning, that really pleases me…”

College President, Professor of Humanities Tom Galligan

“I love my administrative role, but I also love to teach...the classroom is the most important place that I can hope to talk…”

Professor of Fine and Performing Arts Jon Keenan

“I always wanted to be a teacher, and I was fortunate to find a passion in Asian art history and studio art…”

Assistant Professor of Humanities Ewa Chrusciel

“I am really impressed with faculty here, who are dedicated teachers and scholars. I like the atmosphere. I could not imagine a friendlier welcome…”

Assistant Professor of Biology Nick Baer

“The applied question that we're asking is, 'How do heavy metals move through food webs…”

Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences Laura Alexander

“My students are always kind of surprised to learn about what they have missed, what they haven't been paying attention to all their lives…”

Humanities Professor and Chair Pat Anderson

“That fall, while taking his class, I observed unusual traits in Pat (as I've come to call him). As he talked about writers and themes…”

Professor of History Hilary Cleveland

“With a fierce snowstorm bearing down on campus, Professor Hilary Cleveland was determined…”

Professor, Chair of Natural Sciences Ben Steele

“Animal behavior is much more complex and sophisticated than we expect. Animals do not randomly band together, but follow predictions of natural selection…”

Professor of Communication Studies Donna Berghorn

“I know these students very well, and they know me…You know when and how to push them. I think that's what Colby-Sawyer does particularly well—helps students reach beyond where they've been to discover their own potential…”

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Cheryl Coolidge

“This encourages students to learn through critical thinking rather than just having me transmit information to them. They also learn how to work as a team, skills they'll use in work settings…”