my internship experience

Mike Johnson '09, a Business Administration major from Weymouth, Mass., spent three months as a Market Research intern at F1 Boston, an entertainment and function facility in Braintree, Mass., that has the only two indoor race tracks in New England.

How did you find this internship?

This company is part of the MBA Group with which my uncle is familiar, and they told him they needed some help at F1 Boston. The application process was not difficult, I just sat down with the general manager and had a discussion about what I was learning in school and what I would be able to bring to the table for F1 Boston. I was able to live at home, so it all worked out well.

What were your most important duties and responsibilities as an intern?

My most important duties are comparing prices of competitors in the same market niche and analyzing monthly website reports, as well as comparing aspects of the site to past months and years.

What skills are required to fulfill this internship?

I use a lot of Microsoft Excel at this job creating spreadsheets, and other graphs for comparisons.

How does this internship intersect with your studies at Colby-Sawyer? What specific courses have you found most helpful in fulfilling your intern duties?

Business Applications of the Computer proved to be very useful to me, as well as Marketing with Professor Kubick. I had to use the computer every day and had to be knowledgeable about basic marketing principles and ideas.

What challenges have you faced, and what triumphs have you enjoyed, during your internship?

F1 Boston actually changed their menu pricing based on the information I gathered from their competitors. That was pretty exciting because even as an intern I was able to make a mark on the business. My first day was just spent meeting everyone and immediately forgetting all their names.

What have you learned during your internship that might be useful in your professional life?

I learned a lot about corporate culture and business etiquette just by coming into the office every day. Witnessing how a business office operates was valuable to see firsthand – it's really not an experience you can get from reading a book.

Do you think this internship will lead to employment with the company after graduation? Did it confirm or alter your career plans?

This internship definitely could lead to employment; F1 Boston has said they would like me to come back. I am not sure if that is the path I am going to take, but it is nice to have options.

What do you think of Colby-Sawyer's requirement to complete an internship?

The requirement is very beneficial because you learn about the application, resume, and interview process, which is valuable.