my student experience

Sam Moore, Graphic Design major

“My internship experience proved that it's important to keep your eyes open, as you never know what slight connection is going to get you the experience you are looking for…”

Ben Burns, Communications Studies major

“My internship was the best learning experience that I have ever had, not because it was a requirement but because of how seriously I took it…”

Ashlee Willis, Exercise Science major

“It's important for college students to get involved with community service because of the difference they can make…”

Chris McClellan, Environmental Studies major

“The more courses I take for the Environmental Studies major, the more I appreciate what's in the world…”

Kate Monagan, Business Administration major

“This project brought us into the real world. It taught me a lot more than just the concept of advertising…”

Kristin Wood, Nursing major

“My older brother came here and had a great experience. Colby-Sawyer is perfect for him, and it's perfect for me…”

Marc LeBourdais, English major

“I got involved with 'Reel Talk' after taking Introduction to Film. I found the prospect of working with friends and classmates appealing, as was the idea of getting to watch and review movies…”

Marianne Lamas, Psychology major

“Colby-Sawyer people are really nice to be around, and the professors are great. Some of the classes have really changed my life, and I didn't expect that…”

Nic DeZenzo, Sports Management major

“It has always been my goal to play professional soccer. I had a chance to play for a team in Portugal, but chose to go to Colby-Sawyer instead…”

Sara Di Pesa, English major

“Take every opportunity available because the chances of having it again are not very good. Looking back, I did do a lot, but I could have done more…”