student giving

Did you know that student tuition only pays for about 85% of the cost of a Colby-Sawyer education? That other 15%? It comes from the gifts of alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff and, yes, students.

Why should you consider a gift to the Colby-Sawyer Fund? Because it tells the world how important you think it is to support your college. Because it tells everyone that you think Colby-Sawyer is a place worth believing in. Because it shows that our most important constituents — our students — understand that if people don't give to education then education is threatened, and if education is at risk our future is not bright.

If every student were to give $2, that would be a gift of almost $3000. All gifts combine with everyone else's gift and all of a sudden your gift has tremendous impact. Your participation shows you care about your college. It shows that you care about your classmates, you care about the faculty, the staff, your residence hall, your club, your team and all of the resources available to you. And that message — today and for the rest of your lives — is meaningful and rewarding to all of us who strive to do everything we can to provide a great education.

Please select how you wish to make your gift. Note that the option for using your deposit refund is only for seniors.

Make your gift online with your SmartCard.

Make your gift securely online with your credit card.
Make your gift from your student deposit refund.


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