parent giving

Every major decision at Colby-Sawyer College begins with this question: How will our students benefit? Our small class size, attentive staff, and talented faculty provide personal attention and a challenging yet supportive academic environment. This environment blends the elements of a student's college life—academic, co-curricular, social and athletic—into a cohesive educational experience.

The Colby-Sawyer College Fund supports each and every aspect of a student's experience. Each year gifts from parents combine with alumni gifts to allow our students the opportunity for academic excellence and individual development.

Your investment at any gift level, large or small, has a tremendous impact on our current students and the campus community.

FAQ for Parents

Isn't tuition enough?
Tuition revenue covers just 88 percent of the operating budget. While the college is committed to keeping expenses down, support from the Colby-Sawyer Fund is necessary to continue providing for our students' success in and out of the classroom.

Will my gift really make a difference?
Absolutely! Many think the Colby-Sawyer Fund is only for paint, light bulbs and heating. Yet if there were no annual gifts, the campus would still be maintained, lit, and kept warm. What would be affected is our ability to fund scholarships, extracurricular activities, faculty support, and other areas that directly impact our students.

Doesn't Colby-Sawyer have an endowment?
Our endowment provides additional funding every year, but government regulations limit the income available. We spend annually about five percent of our endowment. One way to think of this is that a $1 annual gift is equivalent to $20 from endowment.

How will my annual gift be used?
Gifts made during a fiscal year are used in that same year. Many donors prefer to match their personal interests with the priorities of the college. We invite you to direct your Colby-Sawyer Fund gift to the area you find most compelling.

Areas You May Wish To Support


Discretionary revenue is the cornerstone of the Colby-Sawyer Fund. When you make an unrestricted gift you enable the college to deploy resources when and where they are most needed to directly support the best educational opportunities Colby-Sawyer can offer.

Teaching and Learning

Supports initiatives and priorities integral to academic achievement, including the library, the Academic Development Center and other campus services.


Financial aid allows the college to admit qualified students, regardless of their financial means.

Student Life

Provides for extracurricular activities, teams and events that help to enrich the Colby-Sawyer experience.

Campus Maintenance and Beautification

Supports all aspects of the physical plant, including campus buildings, grounds and playing fields.

Faculty and Staff Enrichment

Provides opportunities for research, professional development, and other initiatives for our faculty and staff.


Fuels technological improvements and innovation across campus.

Presidential Initiatives

Supports current and emerging priorities as determined by President Susan D. Stuebner.