2009-2010 annual report of gifts

The Heritage Society was established in 1992 to thank those individuals who have provided for Colby-Sawyer's future through a bequest or deferred gift. The college expresses deep gratitude for the foresight and generosity of these benefactors. Alumni and friends join the Heritage Society by informing the college of estate plans that include Colby-Sawyer. Requests for anonymity are honored. New members, or members who made a new contribution to an existing deferred gift in 2009–2010, appear in bold. The symbol ^ denotes a member who has died between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010.

Anonymous ^
Anonymous (2)
Mrs. Mary Lou Craffey Ackley '45
Mrs. Nancy Morris Adams '56
Miss Elizabeth A. Allenson '38
Mrs. Margaret Rogers Andrews '85
Mr. Douglas G. Atkins
Mrs. Sally Stevens Ayres '39
Mrs. Joan F. Baird
Mrs. Gordon McAllen Baker '53
Mr. Clifford A. Bean ^
Mrs. Dorothy Ernst Bean '51
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Berger
Mr. Peter C. Ward and Ms. Sally J. Biever-Ward '60
Mr. and Mrs. Rodman R. Black Jr. '73 '75
Mrs. Barbara Boyd Bradley '42
Mrs. Sally Roberts Burgess '62
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Bush '75
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan S. Camp '98 '92
Mrs. Barbara Henderson Cangiano
Mrs. Margaret Lewis Cantor '65
Mrs. Cynthia Alexander Carlson '44
Mrs. Sandra Davis Carpenter '55
Miss Helen R. Casciani '49
Mrs. Ellie Goodwin Cochran '71
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Coffin
Ms. Deborah L. Coffin '76
Mrs. Nancy Wiesner Conkling '58
Mrs. Agnes Cornell Cook '47
Mrs. Ann Murdoch Cooper '53
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Coughlin
Mrs. Louise Cornish Creel '48
Mrs. Ada Shapiro Creighton '39
Mr. Sydney Crook ^
Mrs. Olga Wells Dalton '47
Mr. Peter D. Danforth
Mrs. Sheridan S. Danforth
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Datthyn '61
Mrs. Joan Bryan Davis '61
Mrs. Susan Rich Daylor '71
Mrs. Muriel H. Deacon
Mrs. Joan Russell Desmond '41
Mr. and Ms. Richard D. Dhein '75
Mrs. Carol Myers Ditmore '55
Mr. and Mrs. Neil B. Donavan
Mrs. Suzette van Daell Douglas '43
Mrs. Leslie Wright Dow '57
Mrs. Gwenyth Hall Dunbar '50
Mrs. Elizabeth Kendig Eastman '57
Ms. Dorothy Ann Egan
Mrs. Julie Dougherty Egenberg '60
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Eldred '86
Mrs. Sallie Lou Elliott '55
Mrs. Joan Campbell Eliot '67
Ms. Arline Soderberg Ely '54
Mrs. Jane Cooper Fall '44
Mr. Thomas A. Ferraro ^ and Mrs. Christine Biggs Ferraro '65
Mr. Oley Firth
Ms. Doreen Forney '68
Mrs. Mary Westberg Francis '41
Dr. Martha L. Friberg '68
President Thomas C. Galligan Jr. and Mrs. Susan S. Galligan
Ms. Meredith Gleklen Gardner '61
Mrs. Eleanor Morrison Goldthwait '51
Mrs. Harriet Wickham Gorman '40
Mrs. Marlene Mustard Graf '75
Mrs. Susan Cleaves Graham '52
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Guarda
Ms. Anne Baynes Hall '67
Mrs. Althea Bennett Hatch '46
Mrs. Jane Winey Heald '40
Mrs. Pamela Smallwood Herring '73
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hinman '49
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hitch
Mrs. Sallie Fillebrown Hofmann '48
Ms. Shirley L. Holmes '46
Mr. and Mrs. Merriman H. Holtz Jr. '43
Mr. and Mrs. Richmond B. Hopkins '48
Mrs. Jean Cragin Ingwersen '54
Mrs. Natalie Hartwell Jackson '80
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jesser
Mrs. Susan MacMichael John '68
Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Johns '38 ^
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Johnson '59
Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson Jump '56
Miss Georgia Kanouse '72
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic S. Kaufman Jr. '53
Mrs. Jane McCabe Kelly '44
Mrs. Patricia Driggs Kelsey
Mrs. Barbara Frank Ketchum '54
Mrs. Barbara Chandler Kimm '56
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kirkpatrick '54
Mrs. Jean Fuller Knowlton '50
Mrs. Beverley Cushman Knudsen '51
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Koerner '53
Mrs. Charlotte Shapiro Krentzel '43
Mrs. Joan Watson Krumm '47
Mrs. Eleanor Seybert Kujawski '45 ^
Mrs. Margaret Fish Langa '47
Ms. Melissa F. Langa, Esq. '74
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Langbein Jr. '56
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lee '62
Mrs. Joan Hadley Lena '54
Mr. George M. Lethbridge Jr.
Ms. Sarah Lewis '45
Mrs. Lauren Piercy Looney '62
Mrs. Jean Morley Lovett '45
Mrs. Sally Nathan Lusk '58
Mrs. Barbara Easterbrooks Mailey '51
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mailloux '48
Mrs. Joan Dryden May '54
Mrs. Susan Morrison Mayer '50
Mrs. Olive Heyman McLaughlin '43
Ms. Robin L. Mead '72
Mrs. Margaret Monroe Mink '49
Mrs. Jean Marquier Molloy '43
Mrs. Susan Barto Monks '60
Mr. and Ms. Robert E. Mulholland '62
Dr. H. Nicholas Muller III
Mr. Richard C. Munn
Mrs. Deborah Crow Nabasny '77
Mr. and Mrs. Denton E. Nichols '56
Mrs. Diana Horton Nicosia '72
Ms. Janet Rich Nixon '54
Ms. Kathryn Jones Nixon '68
Mrs. Joanne Rowland Osgood '59
Miss Shirley E. Parsons '42 ^
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Payne
Dr. Joan Peterson '49
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Shelton Pierce '51
Mrs. Jean "Je-Je" Harding Pierce '47
Dr. Anne Ponder and Dr. Christopher Brookhouse
Ms. Sally A. Randall '49
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. B. Reed Jr. '54
Mrs. Marcia Rogers Reilly '51
Mrs. Cornella Fay Rendell-Wilder '47
Mrs. Katherine Gordon Ridgway '42
Mrs. Barbara Johnson Rodgers '53
Mrs. Barbara Tracy Sandford '38
Mrs. Janet Udall Schaefer '52
Ms. Barbara J. Scheelje '57
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schwartz
Mrs. Ruth Kerney Scott '42
Miss Dorothy W. Sears Jr. '44
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Seidensticker '49
Dr. Eleanor Bernert Sheldon '40
Mrs. Blanche Worth Siegfried '43
Ms. Wilma Smiley '54
Mrs. Gladys Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Smith Jr. '50
Mrs. Inez Gianfranchi Snowdon '38
Mrs. Nancy Amend Snyder '40
Ms. Rosalie Belanger Sorenson '65
Ms. Janet E. Spurr '76
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis M. Stendahl
Mrs. Barbara Styles Stevens
Mrs. Sara Height Strawbridge '56
Ms. Ann Sturgis '61
Mrs. Mary Gay Marble Talcott '37
Mrs. Mary Scheu Teach '43
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Thielen
Mrs. Peg Thornton
Ms. Patricia A. Thornton '56
Mrs. Janice Spurr Titus '55
Ms. Barbara Tucker '57
Mr. Richard M. Underwood
Linda and Don Varnum
Mrs. Jean Jacob Vetter '45
Mrs. Andrea Sawtelle Vincent '65
Mrs. Mary Ellen Blatchford Walker '80
Ms. Mary Sinkiewicz Walker '73
The Honorable Martha Ware ^
Mrs. Pauline Carver Watson '48
Mrs. Pauline McCusker Watt '43
Mr. Edward B. Weinstein
Mr. Alexander Wenner
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Wesson
Mrs. Jean M. Wheeler
Miss Janice Wilkins '41
Mrs. Jane Earle Wright '44
Mrs. June Taylor Wright '46
Mr. Harold E. Wyer
Mrs. Faith Butterfield Wyer '37 ^
Ms. Judith L. Wyer '64
Ms. Rebecca Yturregui '94
^ Deceased

During the July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010, fiscal year, Colby-Sawyer was again privileged to receive several bequests and deferred gifts. These “gifts of a lifetime” are cherished by the college, and we gratefully acknowledge the thoughtful generosity of each of the donors whose names are listed below.

Anonymous * ^
Mr. George Blais ^ and Mrs. Annette Caldwell Blais '39 * ^
Ms. Patience Mather Cleveland ^
Mrs. Constance Campbell Forsham '39 ^
Mrs. Althea Bennett Hatch '46 *
Mr. George W. Hatch ^
Mrs. Edith Tedford Hendricks '32 ^
Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Johns ^
Mrs. Joan Kaufman Kirkpatrick '54
Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Kujawski '45 ^
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Mailloux '48
Dr. Esther C. Toms '43 ^
Miss Harriet G. Ward '51 ^
^ Deceased
* Five or more consecutive years of giving