2009-2010 annual report of gifts

The Windy Hill School has been a magical part of childhood for area families since 1976. Colby-Sawyer is sincerely grateful to these trustees, alumni, parents and friends whose commitment and generosity made a new school building a reality. The following list includes all donors to the Windy Hill School building project, regardless of the fiscal year in which those gifts were made.

Roger C., Jr. and Nancy Shumway Adams '52
George I. Alden Trust
Margaret Rogers Andrews '85
Reva E. Bailey
Gordon McAllen Baker '53
Rodman R., Jr. and Anne Winton Black '73,'75
Alfred F. and Carol Davis Bonazzoli '63
Susan Wiesner Bray '53
Stanley J. and Pamela Stanley Bright '61
Donald C. Brace Foundation
Katharine Cosenza Butler '63
Peter J. and Angelina Merrill Carrara '91
Marilyn Chase '52
Erika Cone Clohecy '99
William P. and Ki Clough
William S. and Barbara Colehower
Condict Family Charitable Fund
John C. and Nancy Wiesner Conkling '58
Aurel Couch Trust
James Kelly and Sandra Couch-Kelly '87
Thomas C. and Judith Csatari
Jennifer Deasy '94
Demoulas Foundation
Kyra Dulmage '08
Richard and Jean Dulude
Deborah and James Eibner
David J. and Karen Craffey Eldred '86
Robert S. and Joan Campbell Eliot '67
Stephen W. Ensign
Janice K. Ewing and Clayton Shedd
William J., Jr. and Allison Faccone
Patricia Fazio '92
Thomas and Christine Biggs Ferraro '65
Peter V. and Amy Coburn Ferris '82
John and Kathleen Field Fischer '70
Elizabeth J. Franco '93
Justin and Heidi Stevens Freeman '95
Thomas C., Jr. and Susan Galligan
James A. and Linda Gassman
Jonathan W. and Susan Gibbons Gray '86
Nicholas and Elaine Guarda P'01
William E. and Malora Gundy
Anne Baynes Hall '67
John P. and Suzanne Simons Hammond '66
Hannaford Charitable Foundation
Roger and Nancy Woodring Hansen '64
G. William, Jr. and Christina Helm
The Henry Family Foundation
Kenneth S. and Sandra M. Hollingsworth '82
Charlotte Hulland Holst '97
Paul Hulleberg and Dawna M. Cobb '76
Lauren Bodkin Hunter '98
George and Kristyn Jamieson
Erik E. and Vicki Joh
Georgia Kanouse '72
Joyce Juskalian Kolligian '55
Charles G. and Elizabeth Krajewski
Edward E., Jr. and Nancy Hoyt Langbein '56
David and Kellie Langley
Kelsey Barberi LaPerle '02
Sarah A. LaRosa '06
Barrett and Lisa Lewis
Anthony H. and Susan Librot '94
Jacquelyn Taft Lowe '61
Lydall Specialty Engineered Products
Christine Lyons '92
Barbara J. MacDonald
Susan Morrison Mayer '50
Hilda Hutchins McCollum '58
Peter J. and Jane Kitchel McLaughlin '98
Monica R. Michaud '05
William H. and Debra Bray Mitchell '79
Susan E. Moore
New London Inn
Janet Rich Nixon '54,'00
Shirley E. Noakes '59
North Branch Construction, Inc.
John and Karen Pappalardo P'10
David B. and Beverly Payne
Payne Family Foundation
Gilbert S. Peirce
Greg G. and Deborah Peters P'10
Mark A. and Anne Peterson P'08
Jill A. Rivers '95
Nelson J., Jr. and Penny Jesser Rohrbach '62
Marjorie Rolfe '35
Elizabeth Bowen Saffarewich
Leah Marie Salach '07
David W. and Mary Salach P'07
David A. and Kimberly Sauerwein
Miriam B. Shumway
Kristin E. Smith
Sodexho, Inc.
Rosalie Belanger Sorenson '65
Kerian E. Spear '07
Kimberly S. Steward '91
Elizabeth Talbot and Stephane Courtine
Lisa and Gregory Tedeschi
Richard N. and Avone Thielen
Richard and Avone Thielen Family Foundation
Linda and Don Varnum P'95
Alexander Wenner
Jean M. Wheeler
Martha Dodge Wilkerson '55
Daniel H. and Beverly Wolf