2010-2011 annual report of gifts

  • Legends are individuals whose words and deeds are so distinctive and far-reaching that they remain forever etched in people's memories. Colby-Sawyer College honors our Legends, individuals and families whose extraordinary philanthropy of over $1 million has helped the college realize its aspirations toward new levels of academic excellence. It is our privilege to recognize these friends for the transformative and lasting difference their gifts have made to the college.

    Anonymous ^
    Harry W. Anderson ^
    Martine Baker-Anderson '59 ^
    Cornelia Woolley Clifford '50
    Stewart B. Clifford
    Peter D. Danforth P'83, '84, GP'02 ^
    Sheridan S. Danforth P'83, '84, GP'02
    Marlene Mustard Graf '75
    Irene M. Hicks '31 ^
    Daniel E. Hogan ^
    Curtis L. Ivey ^
    Doris W. Ivey
    Rebecca Kittredge Johns '38 ^
    Patricia Driggs Kelsey
    Robert P. Kelsey, Jr. ^
    Eleanor Seybert Kujawski '45 ^
    Charles J. Lawson ^
    Joan Hubbard Lawson ^
    George M. Lethbridge, Jr.
    The London Family:
    •     M. Roy London Jr. ^
    •     Eleanor S. London ^
    •     Jean D. London '41 ^
    •     Margaret E. Cawley '41
    Gerald M. Mayer Jr. P'75 ^
    Susan Morrison Mayer '50, P'75
    Ramona Wells Mercer '41 ^
    William C. Mercer ^
    Genevieve Millar '32 ^
    Mary Frances Morton ^
    Robert C. Morton ^
    Jean "Je-Je" Harding Pierce '47
    Alice Withington Rooke GP'73 ^
    Robert L. Rooke GP'73 ^
    Natalie Davis Rooke '48, P'73
    Robert C. Rooke
    Janet Udall Schaefer '52
    Mauri Dibner Schwartz
    Robert A. Schwartz
    Avone P. Thielen
    Richard N. Thielen
    Patricia A. Thornton '56
    Martha Ware '37 ^
    Janet Wesson
    William S. Wesson
    Jean M. Wheeler
    Janice Wilkins '41
    David H. Winton P'75 ^
    ^ Deceased
    * Five or more consecutive years of giving
  • Colby-Sawyer's class agents are an essential link between the college and its alumni constituency. During our fiscal year, class agents help keep their classmates connected to the college and informed through letters, phone calls and e-mails as they encourage participation in the Colby-Sawyer Fund. The following alumni served as class agents for the 2011 Colby-Sawyer Fund, and we extend our grateful thanks for their commitment to this important work.

    1944   Shirley Tunison Eustis
    1945   Nancy Dean Maynard
    1946   Beverly Walker Wood
    1947   Cornella Fay Rendell-Wilder
    1948   Sybil Adams Moffat
    1950   Rita Ferris Briggs
    1951   Ruth Gray Pratt
    1952   Joan Rablin Keppler
    1953   Jane Pearl Dickinson
    1954   Elizabeth Moss Phillips
    1956   Nancy Hoyt Langbein
    1959   Judith Christie Anderson
    1959   Judith Gilmore Getchell
    1960   Gale Hartung Baldwin
    1961   Prudence Jensen Heard
    1962   Margot Fraker Wynkoop
    1963   Joan Gibney Whittaker
    1965   Judith G. Butler
    1966   Susan E. Weeks
    1967   Anne Baynes Hall
    1968   JoAnn Franke Overfield
    1968   Marilyn Rouse Phillips
    1970   Gale Spreter
    1971   Susan Moe-Raposo
    1973   Catherine Moore Pomeroy
    1974   Susan Brown Warner
    1975   Candace Booker Elefante
    1976   Teresa Meighan Hacunda
    1976   L. Brooks Rolston
    1978   Jody Hambley Cooper
    1978   Linda Pianowski Flahive
    1979   B. Ann Waggaman
    1980   Mary Ellen Blatchford Walker
    1981   Dr. Mary Kyle Dyer-Martin
    1982   Amy Coburn Ferris
    1983   Sharon Roper Alphas
    1984   Nancy Sullivan Bussiere
    1985   Margaret Rogers Andrews
    1986   Karen Craffey Eldred
    1987   Sandra Couch-Kelly
    1987   Constance Hooker Panetski
    1990   Jill M. Dean
    1991   Gretchen D. Garceau-Kragh
    1992   Kelly Lynch Collins
    1993   Dale Murphy Rozek
    1994   Hillary Waldbaum
    1995   Wendy Mansson Olsen
    1997   Frank B. Abel IV
    1998   Andrea Pueschel Reilly
    1999   Keith A. Perkins
    2001   Tracey Guarda Perkins
    2002   Maura A. Brady
    2003   Kori E. Johnson
    2003   Kerstin A. Swenson
    2004   Eric J. Emery
    2004   Erica Reeder McMahon
    2005   Cheryl A. Oliveira
    2007   Katina Marie Caraganis
    2007   Nicole Marie Kenney
    2007   Janine DeSerres Tadakowsky
    2009   Aubrey Kay Evelyn Thomas
  • Colby-Sawyer College is most grateful to our current and former for their significant investment, as well as their leadership role in promoting the mission of the college through their philanthropy. The names in bold represent current trustees.

    Colby-Sawyer Fund Donors
    The President's Society
    Thomas C. Csatari *
    Sonja Carlson Davidow '56
    Richard Dulude *
    Anne Baynes Hall '67 *
    Erik Edward Joh, Esq.
    Pat Driggs Kelsey *
    Joyce Juskalian Kolligian '55 *
    A. John Pappalardo
    David B. Payne
    Mark A. Peterson
    Natalie Davis Rooke '48 *
    Richard N. Thielen
    Patricia A. Thornton '56 *
    William S. Wesson
    Janice Wilkins '41 *
    David H. Winton ^
    The H. Leslie Sawyer Society
    Anne Winton Black '73, '75 *
    Pamela Stanley Bright '61 *
    Karen Craffey Eldred '86 *
    Joan Campbell Eliot '67 *
    Christine Biggs Ferraro '65 *
    Eleanor Morrison Goldthwait '51 *
    Susan Carroll Hassett '77
    Susan Morrison Mayer '50 *
    Robin L. Mead '72 *
    Jean "Je-Je" Harding Pierce '47 *
    Rebecca Young Robinson '64 *
    Mel A. Shaftel *
    Mary Trafton Simonds '38 *
    Sinclair Smith Siragusa '53 *
    The Honorable Martha Ware ^
    Jean M. Wheeler
    Daniel H. Wolf *
    Susan DeBevoise Wright
    The Mt. Kearsarge Society
    Harry Gazelle
    William E. Gundy *
    Suzanne Simons Hammond '66 *
    The Susan Colby Society
    William S. Berger *
    William P. Clough III
    Ellie Goodwin Cochran '71 *
    Stephen W. Ensign *
    Nancy Woodring Hansen '64 *
    G. William Helm Jr. *
    Richard H. Hinman *
    Barbara Hamilton Hopkins '48 *
    George Jamieson
    Nancy Wilkins Kaplan '55 *
    Polly Black Koerner '53
    George M. Lethbridge Jr.
    Anne Dwyer Milne '54 *
    Kathryn Jones Nixon '68
    JoAnn Franke Overfield '68 *
    William S. Reed
    Blanche Worth Siegfried '43 *
    The Eugene M. Austin Club
    Neil B. Donavan *
    Philip H. Jordan Jr. *
    Kenneth E. Miller *
    Janet Rich Nixon '54 *
    Laura Danforth '83
    Leslie Wright Dow '57
    Marlene Mustard Graf '75
    Sara L. Hammond, Esq. '01
    Richard C. Munn
    Jean Thurman Ramsey '43 *
    Erik C. Rocheford '01 *
    Janet Canham Williams '40 *
    Capital and Endowment Fund Donors
    Walter Angoff
    William S. Berger
    Anne Winton Black '73, '75
    Pamela Stanley Bright '61
    William P. Clough III
    Thomas C. Csatari
    Laura Danforth '83
    Sonja Carlson Davidow '56
    Neil B. Donavan
    Leslie Wright Dow '57
    Richard Dulude
    Karen Craffey Eldred '86
    Joan Campbell Eliot '67
    Stephen W. Ensign
    Christine Biggs Ferraro '65
    Harry Gazelle
    Eleanor Morrison Goldthwait '51
    Marlene Mustard Graf '75
    William E. Gundy
    Anne Baynes Hall '67
    Sara L. Hammond, Esq. '01
    Suzanne Simons Hammond '66
    Nancy Woodring Hansen '64
    Susan Carroll Hassett '77
    G. William Helm Jr.
    George Jamieson
    Nancy Wilkins Kaplan '55
    Pat Driggs Kelsey
    Joyce Juskalian Kolligian '55
    George M. Lethbridge Jr.
    Susan Morrison Mayer '50
    Hilda Hutchins McCollum '58
    Robin L. Mead '72
    Anne Dwyer Milne '54
    Richard C. Munn
    JoAnn Franke Overfield '68
    A. John Pappalardo
    David B. Payne
    Elizabeth E. Pedersen
    Mark A. Peterson
    Jean "Je-Je" Harding Pierce '47
    William S. Reed
    Rebecca Young Robinson '64
    Mel A. Shaftel
    Mary Trafton Simonds '38
    Sinclair Smith Siragusa '53
    Richard N. Thielen
    Patricia A. Thornton '56
    Richard M. Underwood
    The Honorable Martha Ware ^
    William S. Wesson
    Jean M. Wheeler
    Richard A. Whiting
    Daniel H. Wolf
    Susan DeBevoise Wright
    ^ Deceased
    * Five or more consecutive years of giving
  • Colby-Sawyer College is grateful to faculty and staff for personally investing in the school they work so hard to support in other ways. The Colby-Sawyer Fund provides resources that both help the college to maintain current expenses and that allow it to respond to opportunity. Thank you for your support and for making Colby-Sawyer one of your philanthropic priorities.

    Colby-Sawyer Fund Donors
    The President's Society
    Thomas C. Galligan Jr. *
    The H. Leslie Sawyer Society
    The Susan Colby Society
    Dexter Burley
    Elizabeth Cahill *
    Bradford E. Cook, J.D.
    Douglas W. Lyon *
    Carole Horton Parsons '74 *
    Susan Glasheen Reeves '88 *
    David A. Sauerwein *
    Kimberly Whitney Sauerwein *
    Miriam B. Shumway
    Deborah A. Taylor *
    The Eugene M. Austin Club
    Joseph C. Carroll, Ph.D. *
    Kathleen A. Carroll *
    Anthony N. Quinn
    Sharon K. Ames
    Margaret Rogers Andrews '85 *
    Tracey M. Austin *
    Laura Beth Baudanza '07
    Sharon L. Beaudry
    Colin Neal Bellavance '09
    David Blaisdell
    John I. Bly
    Mark D. Boillotat
    Jodi Dow Bonewald '91
    Karen I. Bonewald *
    Eric M. Boyer
    Kim-Laura Boyle '98 *
    James E. Bromwell
    James Broughton
    Suzanna Marie Brown '11
    Elizabeth Bryant Camp '92 *
    Brian C. Clancy *
    Ruth M. Clark
    Hilary P. Cleveland *
    Julie A. Crisafi
    Lisa Dupuis
    Jean Eckrich, Ph.D. *
    Allison Rego Faccone
    Lynn J. Garrioch, Ph.D.
    Richard Goerlitz
    Shari Goldberg
    James Francis Hanlon III
    Kathleen M. Horten
    Marjorie W. Huston '98 *
    Lauri S. Justice *
    Thomas Kealy, Ph.D.
    Jon P. Keenan
    Charles Kellogg
    Kenneth G. Kochien
    Christopher P. La Barbera
    Elizabeth LaBelle
    Lisa J. Lacombe
    Garrett M. Lashar
    David Levine *
    Kimberly Lloyd
    Amy Carrier Lyon '85
    George Martin
    Deborah Field McGrath '68
    Mary McLaughlin
    David R. Morcom *
    Rachel Allen Parsons
    Pamela Mazan Payson
    Wilson Perez Jr.
    Tracey Guarda Perkins '01
    Kelley Perron
    Christopher S. Reed *
    Gina Marie Reich *
    Emily Rinde-Thorsen
    Thomas Rodd Jr.
    Scott J. Roy
    Barry Schoonmaker
    Kate Seamans
    Ryan P. Smith '00
    Pamela Ann Spear
    William Forrest Spear
    Janet M. St. Laurent
    Benjamin B. Steele, Ph.D.
    Peter G. Steese
    Courtney Brooke Stein
    Kathy J. Taylor
    Nancy Teach '70
    Carrie Thomas
    William A. Thomas, Ph.D.
    Pamela Trostorff
    Linda J. Varnum *
    Renee M. Vebell *
    Erica D. Webb
    Thomas Wilkins
    Harriette Yazzie-Whitcomb
    Heather Zahn
    Capital and Endowment Fund Donors
    Margaret Rogers Andrews '85
    Ellen M. Doble
    Thomas C. Galligan Jr.
    Charles Gregory Krajewski
    Elizabeth M.G. Krajewski
    David A. Sauerwein
    Kimberly Whitney Sauerwein
    Lisa F. Tedeschi
    Linda J. Varnum
    * Five or more consecutive years of giving
  • Each year the college is grateful beneficiary of the valued support of the parents and grandparents of our students and alumni. We gratefully acknowledge the special generosity of the donors those names we are privileged to list below. The names in bold represent parents of current students.

    Colby-Sawyer Fund Donors
    The President's Society
    David L. Coffin
    Marie-Jeanne Coffin
    A. John Pappalardo
    Karen A. Pappalardo
    Anne Marie Peterson
    Mark A. Peterson
    Natalie Davis Rooke '48 *
    Robert C. Rooke *
    David H. Winton ^
    The H. Leslie Sawyer Society
    Kathryn Alice Ashton
    Theodore Reeve Ashton
    Dawn T. Chambers
    Irene P. Demoulas
    Dorothy B. Gordon *
    Susan Morrison Mayer '50 *
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mead
    Mary Trafton Simonds '38 *
    The Mt. Kearsarge Society
    Peter D. Danforth ^
    Sheridan S. Danforth
    Jane Winey Heald '40 *
    David G. McCollum *
    Suzanne Mayberry McCollum '62 *
    The Susan Colby Society
    Donald C. Gregory, M.D. *
    Joan Magavern Gregory '50 *
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Guarda *
    Barbara Dent Hinman '49 *
    Richard H. Hinman *
    Jane MacCabe Kelly '44 *
    Margaret Fish Langa '47 *
    Paul S. Langa *
    Ann Woodd-Cahusac Neary '74 *
    Matthew Neary *
    JoAnn Franke Overfield '68 *
    W. Dale Overfield *
    Nancy Paige Parker '54 *
    Bruce J. Parsons '77 *
    Carole Horton Parsons '74 *
    Blanche Worth Siegfried '43 *
    Robert E. Siegfried *
    Jay H. Smith
    Mary M. Smith
    Christopher T. Whittaker *
    Joan Gibney Whittaker '63 *
    The Eugene M. Austin Club
    Matthew Scott Ballou *
    Susan Sommer Ballou '77 *
    Joseph C. Carroll, Ph.D. *
    Kathleen A. Carroll *
    Jacqueline A. Dzaluk
    Roy L. Goldman
    Marcia Symmes Harmon '55 *
    Ellen Brainard Judd '60 *
    Thomas H. Judd *
    Gregory W. Maloney
    Onorina Z. Maloney
    Janet Rich Nixon '54 *
    Alice Perry
    Charles A. Pillsbury
    Betsey Ann Quigley *
    Nancy Palmer Reid '50 ^
    Anonymous (3)
    Pamela Dixey Abbott '64
    Raymond H. Abbott Jr.
    Joan Howie Alderton '51 *
    John H. Alderton III *
    Nancy Dexter Aldrich '48
    Roger H. Aldrich
    Bette Silven Alsobrook '59
    Margaret O. Anderson
    William S. Anderson
    Norma L. Andrews
    Isabelle Spurr Appleton '58 *
    Mr. and Mrs. Neil P. Atkins
    Wendy L. Ault
    Linda W. Baker
    Anne Reynolds Ballin '82
    Lawrence Ballin
    George W. Bardaglio
    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Barnes *
    Marsh W. Bates
    Mary Wellman Bates '59
    Patricia Smith Beach '49 *
    Kelly Ann Bedard
    Michael John Bedard
    Michele E. Bednarz
    Katherine T. Bernstein
    Ronald T. Bernstein
    Kathleen K. Blake
    Jay Dewey Bolton
    Josephine Bolton
    Charles P. Bowers *
    Virginia Colpitts Bowers '50 *
    Frances Wilde Boynton '46 *
    Nehemiah Boynton III *
    David A. Brackett
    Heather L. Brackett
    Susan Wiesner Bray '53
    Daniel B. Breen *
    Louise Norris Breen '41 *
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Brooks
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Bruce *
    Barbara Alpaugh Bull '51
    Henrik H. Bull
    Charles P. Burgess *
    Phyllis Slater Burgess '44 *
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Burke *
    Carroll D. Campbell
    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Casner Jr. *
    Teri Ann Cheney
    Consuelo Wiberg Clark '51 *
    Frances Wannerstrom Clark '48 *
    George D. Clark Jr. *
    Ruth M. Clark
    Thomas E. Clark
    Emily Morgan Clemmer '45 *
    Gary Cole
    Linda Cole
    Betty Jane Goss Conant '43
    William B. Conner *
    Anne K. Cook
    Frederick J. Costello
    Ruth Malmquist Craffey '59
    Elizabeth Anne Doele Curran '47 *
    Linnea B. Currie
    William T. Currie
    Anthony M. Cutler
    Laura Stone Cutler '44 *
    Rhonda R. Cutler
    Susan Olney Datthyn '61 *
    Verne Datthyn *
    Charles Davis
    Patricia R. Davis
    J. Michael Deasy *
    Brian C. Denton
    Diane M. Denton
    Francis R. Desmond
    Joan Russell Desmond '41
    Betsey Martin Devaney '68
    Robert C. Devaney
    Teresa A. DiNapoli
    Vincent R. DiNapoli
    Ruth Hall Dowden '41 *
    Priscilla Drake *
    Shirley Holmes Dunlap '47 *
    Karen Dunn '63 *
    Mary-Cliffe Killion Dunn '53
    Catherine Ellen Durkin
    Debra A. Emond
    Richard A. Emond
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Evans
    Joan E. Evans *
    Dr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ferguson Jr. *
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ferullo
    Phillip C. Fine
    Bruce T. Fletcher
    Kristina Carlson Fletcher '68
    Rosemary Beede Fournier '45 *
    James F. Fulton *
    Lois Virginia Gilbert-Fulton '65 *
    Bernard Paul Gladden
    Susan Marie Gladden
    Eleanor Goddard
    Walter E. Goddard
    David G. Goodhouse
    Susan Thaeder Goodhouse '76
    Holly Hutchins Goodrich
    Marlene Mustard Graf '75
    Carroll J. Greene *
    Lauren A. Greene *
    Ethel Greenspan ^
    Adelaide Anthony Griffiths '57
    Clark A. Griffiths
    Scott John Gross
    Barbara J. Hambley *
    Jackson W. Hambley *
    Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Handlir
    Christopher B. Hayden
    Karin L Heffernan
    Michael A. Heffernan Jr.
    Jean Stewart Hilton '43 *
    Dr. and Mrs. David C. Hitch
    Gerianne L. Holdsworth
    Stephen E. Holdsworth
    Beverly A. Holley
    Dr. and Mrs. W. Donald Horrigan
    Cameron C. Hosmer
    Maren Hosmer
    James M. House
    Paula Ricker House '71
    Charles W. Huston *
    Marjorie W. Huston '98 *
    Donna L. Hyde
    Steven D. Hyde
    Joan Reynolds Irish '50 *
    W. Peter Irish *
    Ann Poindexter Ives '49 *
    John E. Ives IV *
    Anne Stedfast Jacobs '46 *
    Philip R. Jacobs *
    Kathy Janssen
    Mark Janssen
    Elizabeth A. Jewell
    Diane Lynn Johnson
    Meredith H. Jones '67 *
    Margery Gifford Joyce '41 ^
    Lauri S. Justice *
    Stephen Justice *
    Charles J. Kamal
    Lynda Irene Kamal
    Deborah W. Kelsey
    Doreen M. Kieffer
    Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Killam
    Barbara Hallett King '49
    Glenn A. King
    Helen C. Kingsley *
    John G. Kipp
    Wendelin Kipp
    Kenneth G. Kochien
    Paula Dorothy Kochien
    Darlene Austin Kuerzel '61
    Randolf Kuerzel
    Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Lambert
    Charles L. Lane Jr.
    Mary Jane Critchett Lane '51
    Peter W. LaRose
    Wendy Russell LaRose '68
    Robert Law
    Ann Dunlap LeBourdais
    Peter C. LeBourdais
    Renato J. Leccese
    Susan M. Leccese
    Louise Stevens Lee '46 *
    Paul I. Lee *
    Richard E. Lee
    Theresa C. Lee
    Ann Walker Levitt '47
    Gregg T. Lewis
    Susan A. Lewis
    Brad Marvin Litwak
    Robin Sue Litwak
    Karen Leah Logan
    Scott Matthew Logan
    Lark Ann Lombardo
    Larry Paul Lombardo
    Ann Hodgkinson Low '65 *
    Calvin D. Low *
    Marcia Brown Macintosh '41 *
    Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Mantz
    Carol Shoemaker Marck '48
    Charles T. Marck
    Gary W. Margolin
    Judy E. Margolin
    Charles C. Marks
    Cynthia Mantz Marks '80
    Anthony Marrone
    Gail Grace Marrone
    Mary Jane Niedner Mason '44 *
    Gloria Wells McCreery '45
    Mary E. McCusker
    Robert M. McCusker
    Pamela G. McFadden
    Richard D. McFadden
    Marjorie Hudson McGown '37
    Winthrop H. McGown
    Nancy Eleanor McKenna
    Stephen Joseph McKenna
    Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. McKinlay
    Harold A. McKinney
    Marie T. McKinney
    Robin Slye McNutt '75 *
    Steven McNutt *
    Mr. and Mrs. John G. Meisel *
    Ann Norton Merrill '44 *
    Dudley S. Merrill *
    Linda Marie Mikita
    William Gilbert Mikita
    Mr. and Mrs. Merlin G. Miller
    Robert C. Miller
    Wendy S. Miller
    Dale Thomson Milne '66
    Jeffrey Milne
    Donald Mitchell
    Sheila F. Mitchell '98
    David R. Morcom *
    Sara Gilderdale Morcom '95 *
    Cynthia Marie Morrissey
    Mark Ernest Morrissey
    Donna Oosting Muenzberg '49 *
    Robert B. Muenzberg *
    Dana P. Murch *
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Murphy
    Linda M. Nadeau
    James Allen Naughton
    Lynn Healy Nichols '51 *
    Norman N. Nichols *
    Judith Chamberlain Nickerson '52
    Robert B. Nickerson
    Mr. and Mrs. Stacy R. Noyes
    M. Elizabeth Oates
    Kathleen O'Hara O'Brien '80
    Lawrence George O'Brien
    Claire Couble O'Hara '47
    John F. O'Hara
    Daniel M. Packard
    Paula Packard
    Pamela Mazan Payson
    Hebert F. Peacock
    June Skinner Peacock '41
    John D. Pehoviak
    Laura L. Pehoviak
    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Peninger
    Chandler M. Perkins
    Debra Lamson Perkins '57
    Robert T. Peters
    Carolyn Ann Peterson
    Kenneth R. Peterson
    Donna Malenchini Philbrook
    Wayne William Philbrook
    Polly White Phillips '47 *
    Hugh R. Phillis
    Mary E. Phillis
    Donnamarie K. Pignone
    Eileen L. Poulin
    Mark D. Poulin
    Paul M. Pratt *
    Ruth Gray Pratt '51 *
    Ruth C. Priddy
    Debra M. Prudden
    Peter Prudden
    Joan Durkee Reed '54 *
    Leonard F. B. Reed Jr. *
    Mr. and Mrs. David H. Reilly
    Carol A. Ring
    Mabelle Goodrich Robbie '41 *
    Walter J. Robbie *
    Brier Roberts
    Alan Rome
    Gale Collins Rome '70
    Judith Kellogg Rowley '55
    Philip C. Rowley
    James F. Rutherford
    Leslie Purdum Rutherford '69
    Anne Hull Sargent '49 *
    David B. Sargent *
    Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Schick *
    Arthur G. Schnell
    Kathleen Anne Sewell
    Michael Paul Sewell
    Roger Ervin Shamel
    Susan Alice Shamel
    Irving C. Sheldon
    Shirley Webster Sheldon '43
    Josephine Silvers '86
    Barbara Swanson Smith '60 *
    Bruce W. Smith
    Carol Holsten Smith '58
    Kim K. Smith
    Leonard R. Smith
    Lyman H. Smith *
    Marilyn Hornecker Smith '48
    Peter Jeremy Smith
    Jeffery K. Soleau
    Louisa B. Soleau
    Pamela Ann Spear
    William Forrest Spear
    Carol A. St. Cyr
    Thomas W. St. Cyr
    Douglas O. Staiger
    Elizabeth C. Staiger
    Martha Whitney Steers '45 *
    Cheryl Steese
    Peter G. Steese
    Richard W. Stockwell
    Susan Lowe Stockwell '91
    Louise Moser Stoops '54
    David Grant Strathdee
    Mr. and Mrs. H. Douglas Struven
    Sara M. Sulloway
    Jane Tamlyn-Hayden
    Bruce Allen Taylor
    Kathy J. Taylor
    Mary Scheu Teach '43 *
    Nancy Teach '70
    Lorraine Anna Thibault
    Stephen Edgar Thibault
    Barbara-Jane Smith Thompson '48 *
    Richard T. Tomar
    Barbara Howe Tucker '53 *
    Theodore W. Tucker *
    Ruth Forbes Tudeen '44 *
    Margaret Jardine Van Dine '44 *
    Norman Van Dine *
    Carol B. Vancura
    Jeffrey D. Vancura
    Donald R. Varnum *
    Linda J. Varnum *
    Dale R. Walker *
    Mary Ellen Blatchford Walker '80 *
    Judith Lynah Wheeler '57
    Michael Edward Wheeler
    Paula Kubala Wheeler
    Gretchen Hoch White '53 *
    Judith Tinsman White '56 *
    Grace Greene Williams '47
    Nancy Tobey Williams '51
    Sanford L. Williams
    Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Williamson
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Wilson *
    Noel Roe Wilson '53
    Donald E. Winfrey
    Milo G. Wingard Jr. *
    Patricia Pearson Wingard '51 *
    Sally Young Yacka '80
    Donna Teach Young '71
    Robert Quincy Young
    Kathy Zinsser
    Philip John Zinsser
    Capital and Endowment Fund Donors
    Peter D. Danforth ^
    Sheridan S. Danforth
    Marlene Mustard Graf '75
    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Guarda
    Susan Morrison Mayer '50
    JoAnn Franke Overfield '68
    W. Dale Overfield
    A. John Pappalardo
    Karen A. Pappalardo
    Anne Marie Peterson
    Mark A. Peterson
    Mary Trafton Simonds '38
    Linda J. Varnum
    ^ Deceased
    * Five or more consecutive years of giving
  • We are very pleased to acknowledge those students who chose to support the College with a gift. Please note that these names represent current students. Seniors who made gifts, and who are now alumni, are listed in the Cupola Club.

    Colby-Sawyer Fund Donors
    Brittany Mae Blackington
    Lauren Alexandra Broderick
    Christopher Fleury Casey
    Maria Cimpean
    Ruth M. Clark
    Andrew Lawrence Coolidge
    Jillian Julia DeArville
    Jose Carlos Diarte Ortiz
    Samantha Emily Dodge
    Elaine M. Edgecomb
    Sarah Marie Fischer
    Anna-Marie Lessard Hanlon
    Xanthe Jeannette Hilton
    Katie Beth Kelly
    Beatrice Dabney Kelsey-Watts
    Iraj Khaliqi
    Lisa J. Lacombe
    Derek Evan Lautenschlager
    Alexander Edward Merrill
    Kimberly Lucille Morrill
    Catherine L. Moulton
    Anh Ngoc Hai Nguyen
    Melissa Nop
    Lauren A. Oberg
    Thamara Ferreira Oliveira
    Gina Marie Reich *
    Lauren E. Rocheleau
    Alyssa Ann Tamlyn-Hayden
    Taylor Amanda Thorpe
    Christine Wertz
    Christina T. Winnett
    Melanie Frazer Winsted
    * Five or more consecutive years of giving
  • We are grateful for the generous gifts donated by the friends of Colby-Sawyer College. The support of this special group, that includes many local community members, is an integral part of our success and further strengthens the bond between our communities.

    Colby-Sawyer Fund Donors
    The President's Society
    Judith B. Csatari *
    Thomas C. Csatari *
    William H. Davidow
    Jean M. Dulude *
    Richard Dulude *
    Susan S. Galligan *
    Erik Edward Joh, Esq.
    Vicki Joh
    Pat Driggs Kelsey *
    Beverly S. Payne
    David B. Payne
    Daniel C. Snyder
    Eleanor M. Snyder
    Avone P. Thielen
    Richard N. Thielen
    Janet Wesson
    William S. Wesson
    The H. Leslie Sawyer Society
    Bonita L. Betters-Reed
    Joseph B. Pasquale
    Mel A. Shaftel *
    Pamela A. Shaftel *
    Jean M. Wheeler
    Beverly Wolf *
    Daniel H. Wolf *
    James Wright
    Susan DeBevoise Wright
    The Mt. Kearsarge Society
    Donna T. Gazelle
    Harry Gazelle
    Malora P. Gundy *
    William E. Gundy *
    James S. Regan Jr.
    Lee Woodman
    The Susan Colby Society
    Jeanine Wight Berger *
    William S. Berger *
    Carole Anne Brophy
    Joseph T. Brophy
    Bradford E. Cook, J.D.
    Celeste C. Cook *
    David W. Cook *
    Kathleen D. Cook
    Courtland J. Cross
    Marjorie Cross
    Dorothy Ann Egan *
    Stephen W. Ensign *
    John A. Gibbons Jr.
    Lile Gibbons
    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Gordon
    Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Griggs
    Christina M. Helm *
    G. William Helm Jr. *
    George Jamieson
    Kristyn Jamieson
    George M. Lethbridge Jr.
    Leon F. Markoff
    Bruce R. McClintock *
    Judith L. McLaughlin
    Arthur J. O'Brien *
    Carolyn A. Pelzel *
    A.M. Peterson
    Beverly D. Reed
    William S. Reed
    Kathryn E. Taylor
    Benjamin Davis Williams III
    David W. Williams
    The Eugene M. Austin Club
    Elizabeth F. Boege
    Sheldon Boege
    Thomas Boggs
    Peggy A. Brown
    Barbara Henderson Cangiano
    Barbara U. Colehower
    William S. Colehower
    Philip R. Currier
    Beverlee F. Donavan *
    Neil B. Donavan *
    Linda J. Ewing
    Robert W. Ewing Jr.
    Philip H. Jordan Jr. *
    Sheila G. Jordan *
    Kenneth E. Miller *
    Linda E. Miller *
    Carol Muller *
    H. Nicholas Muller III *
    Dr. and Mrs. Edward T. Ordman
    Isa M. Rex
    Robert M. Rex
    David Z. Webster
    Janie H. Webster
    John V. White
    Anonymous (2)
    Penny Tyson Adams
    Edythe Anderson *
    Jay H. Anderson *
    Mary S. Ayers
    Theodore S. Bacon Jr.
    Louise H. Bailey *
    Dylan J. Baker
    Ruth M. Barningham
    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bartholomew *
    Mr. and Mrs. David L. Beardsley
    Clare Bensley
    Dean Bensley
    Ruth S. Bole
    James R. Bowditch
    Barbara C. Brown
    Roger T. Brown
    Theodore S. Brown
    Gail Bruce
    William Bruce
    Richard L. Bue
    Virginia C. Callahan
    Jennifer Caponigro
    Michael V. Caponigro
    David Carroll
    Esther M. Carstensen
    Dawn M. Carter
    Glenda B. Cavallaro *
    Richard J. Cavallaro *
    Ed Chesbro
    Carole L. Chetwynd-Bryant
    Donald W. Clark *
    Iris P. Clark *
    Hilary P. Cleveland *
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Cleveland
    John F. Clough
    Ruth I. Clough
    Craig T. Coccia
    Anne E. Coghlan
    Genevieve E. Cohen
    Amy Connelly
    Joan C. Cooper
    Nancy C. Cyr
    Loomis G. Dana *
    Mr. and Mrs. Terence E. Dancy
    Charles W. Davidson *
    Elaine M. Davidson *
    Robert P. Dean
    John P. Debbink
    Ann M. Denny *
    Tomie dePaola
    Allan M. Doyle Jr. *
    Mary B. Doyle *
    Eric Justin Driver
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert V. Durand
    Nancy C. Dutton
    Richard W. Dutton
    Holley M. Eaton
    Deborah S. Eibner
    James Eibner
    Stephanie B. Elford
    William J. Faccone Jr.
    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fagel
    Barbara Faughnan
    Brian Faughnan
    Joan J. Fellows
    Constance Klee Foulkes
    Shelli A. Gay *
    James Gleason
    Gail M. Goddard
    Diane S. Goldman
    Mark Goldman
    Walter Graf
    Janet B. Grevstad
    Cynthia Gumpert
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Hajek
    Sheffield J. Halsey *
    Robert C. Hannah
    Albert Hansen
    Rosli Hanslin
    Joan V.H. Harris *
    Pamela M. Hastings
    Allen A. Henry II
    Sheila Lewis Henry
    Aloysius Hobausz
    Lillian T. Hobausz
    Elizabeth P. Hodges
    Frances B. Hoke
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hoke
    Marshall P. Hoke
    Anne Holmes
    Ken Holmes
    Kellie A. Holmstrom
    Betsy Horn
    William C. Horn Jr.
    Brandon Huff
    Derek Hunt
    Kent M. Johnson
    Sarah T. Johnson
    Bryan C. Jones
    Charles P. Jones *
    Cynthia R. Jones
    Emily W. Jones *
    Leo Jones Jr.
    Stephen Justice *
    Bertram M. Kantor
    Martha J. Kantor
    Charles Kellogg
    Joyce Kellogg
    Charles A. Kennedy *
    Marilyn Kidder *
    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kiernan Sr. *
    John G. Kristensen
    Charles J. Lawson III
    Cynthia T. Lawson
    Mr. and Mrs. James T. Lawson
    Constance Leathers
    Jessie W. Levine
    Kimberly Lloyd
    Paul MacVittie
    Robbin MacVittie
    Mary Alice Maguire
    Eric Malm
    Nancy Malm
    Mr. and Mrs. David Marotta
    Lydia A. Mathias
    Peter Dolan Matthews
    Mr. and Mrs. Richmond Mayo-Smith
    Katrina McCurley
    Lisa Montcalm
    David W. Moore
    Mr. and Mrs. William H. Moore Jr.
    Edna M. Mordecai
    Mark S. Mordecai
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Morss Jr.
    Horace C. Moses III *
    Lela G. Moses *
    Arnold Moulton
    Richard C. Munn
    Allan F. Munro
    Kathy Munro
    Rita T. Murdoch
    Tyler Dawson Murdoch
    Nancy Murphy
    Jonathan Nessel
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Oberg
    John H. Ohler
    Priscilla W. Ohler
    Elizabeth D. Otto *
    Henry S. Otto Jr. *
    Janet M. Paul
    Danella Pearson
    Evelyn Pearson
    Richard Pearson
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Powers Jr.
    Sarah S. Powers
    James C. Ransom
    Martha Regan-Smith
    Donald E. Robar
    Elaine Robar
    Laurence H. Roberts Jr.
    Arthur M. Rosen
    Maureen Rosen
    Barbara Rosenfield
    Jay Rosenfield
    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sadowsky
    Rosanne C. Santos
    Joyce A. Saturley
    Jesse Ernest Schreier
    Mr. and Mrs. Helmut R. Schwarzer *
    Diana F. Seamans *
    F. Augustus Seamans *
    Mary Seamans *
    Deirdre P. Segerson
    Theodore E. Selby
    John Sheehan
    Patricia H. Sheehan
    John A. Shepard
    Mary G. Shepard
    Ruth M. Sisson *
    Adele Smith
    Gladys Smith *
    Roger C. Smith
    Thomas W. Smith III
    Suellen F. Solomon
    Robert L. St. Laurent
    Deborah Stanley
    Peter S. Stanley
    William C. Sullivan Jr.
    Andrew R. Supplee
    Christine N. Tanaka
    Kiersten C. Taylor
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Theroux
    Margaret K. Thornton
    Peter J. Thurber
    Lise Tighe
    William D. Tighe
    Carol H. Underhill
    Sally Utiger
    Arrolyn H. Vernon
    Ethelanne O. Vulgamore *
    Melvin L. Vulgamore *
    William H. Welsh
    George L. West
    H. Donald White
    Jean A. Williamson
    Barbara Jan Wilson
    Nathan Zachary Wolsky
    D. Austin Wood
    Suzanne T. Wood
    Helen Elizabeth Woodman *
    Capital and Endowment Fund Donors
    Eleanor Angoff
    Walter Angoff
    Jeanine Wight Berger
    William S. Berger
    Edgar R. Condict
    Judith B. Csatari
    Thomas C. Csatari
    Loomis G. Dana
    William H. Davidow
    Beverlee F. Donavan
    Neil B. Donavan
    Jean M. Dulude
    Richard Dulude
    Holley M. Eaton
    Stephen W. Ensign
    Susan S. Galligan
    Donna T. Gazelle
    Harry Gazelle
    Walter Graf
    Malora P. Gundy
    William E. Gundy
    Christina M. Helm
    G. William Helm Jr.
    George Jamieson
    Kristyn Jamieson
    Pat Driggs Kelsey
    George M. Lethbridge Jr.
    Richard C. Munn
    Beverly S. Payne
    David B. Payne
    Gilbert S. Peirce
    Beverly D. Reed
    William S. Reed
    Mel A. Shaftel
    Pamela A. Shaftel
    Avone P. Thielen
    Richard N. Thielen
    Janet Wesson
    William S. Wesson
    Jean M. Wheeler
    Beverly Wolf
    Daniel H. Wolf
    James Wright
    Susan DeBevoise Wright
    ^ Deceased
    * Five or more consecutive years of giving
  • Colby-Sawyer proudly acknowledges the substantial financial partnership with corporations, foundations, community businesses and other organizations that provide vital capital and Colby-Sawyer Fund support. In addition, we also extend grateful thanks to those companies which provided matching gift support that also contributes to our success.

    Adventures in Learning
    AEGON Direct
    Aetna Foundation Inc.
    George I. Alden Trust
    American Express Company
    Anstiss & Co., P.C.
    Appleseed Restaurant and Catering
    Arctic Dreams
    Artisan's Workshop
    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
    Avon Family Foundation, Inc.
    Babson Mustard Family Fund
    Bank of America Corporate Center
    Bentley Fund
    Berger Family Fund
    Blackwater Junction Restaurant
    Blizzard Skis
    The Boeing Company
    Donald C. Brace Foundation
    Brown & Brown of New Hampshire, Inc.
    Bubba's Bar & Grille
    Dexter Burley Landscape Design, LLC
    The Byrne Foundation
    The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
    Carlin Family Foundation
    Carroll Concrete Co., Inc.
    Central Path Acupuncture & Wellness
    Champion's Choice
    Charles Foundation, Inc.
    Cherry Pond Designs
    ChevronTexaco, Inc.
    China City Restaurant
    CIGNA Foundation
    Clarke's Hardware
    Colby-Sawyer College Endowment
    Coldwell Banker/Milestone Real Estate
    Colonial Farm Inn & Restaurant
    Colonial Pharmacy
    Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
    Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
    Compass Travel
    Concord Food Coop
    Condict Family Charitable Fund
    Cornell University Foundation
    Aurel Couch Trust
    Courtyard by Marriott
    E.J. Cross Foundation
    CSC Athletics
    Dartmouth College
    Davidow Foundation
    Davis Educational Foundation
    Demoulas Foundation
    Diageo North America
    Dog Star Canine
    Drapkin California Charitable Foundation
    Dunkin Donuts
    Echo Communications, Inc.
    Ellie's Cafe & Deli
    ExxonMobil Corporation
    Josiah E. Fernald Trust
    Fidelity Investments Foundation
    Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift
    Fisher Cats
    Flash Photo / Flash Pack and Ship
    Follett Bookstore
    The Flying Goose, Brew Pub and Grille
    George F. & Sybil H. Fuller Foundation
    General Electric Fund
    General Mills Foundation
    The Gibbons Foundation
    The Goldhirsh Foundation, Inc
    Gordon Research Conferences
    Gourmet Garden
    Greenspan Foundation
    Guardian Life Insurance Company
    Hannaford Charitable Foundation
    Harbourton Foundation
    Grace and John T. Harrington Foundation
    Edith T. Hendricks Foundation
    The Henry Family Foundation
    Hinman Foundation
    Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.
    Dan and Kathleen Hogan Sports Center
    Hole in the Fence
    Houghton Mifflin Company
    Huberts of New London
    Samuel P. Hunt Foundation
    Hunter Family Charitable Trust
    Hunter Family Foundation
    IBM Corporation
    Ingersoll-Rand Company
    Inn at Pleasant Lake
    Jericho Hill Farm
    John Hancock
    Johnson & Johnson
    W.S. Johnston Foundation
    Beulah Kahler Foundation
    Kathan Gardens
    Kayak Country Paddle Sports
    Keelin Studio for Strength and Wellness, LLC
    Keith's 2 Sports
    Lake Champlain Chocolates
    Lake Sunapee Bank
    Lake Sunapee Country Club
    Lakes Region Coca-Cola Bottling Company
    Ledyard National Bank
    Legends Golf
    Agnes M. Lindsay Trust
    Lockheed Martin Corporation
    Lydall Specialty Engineered Products
    Manchester Monarchs
    Carla Marshall, LMT
    Mascoma Savings Bank Foundation
    Massachusetts Hospital Research and Ed. Assoc
    McIninch Foundation
    Suzanne T. and Frank W. Millard Foundation
    Millstone Restaurant, Inc.
    Mobil Corporation
    Montcalm Golf Club
    Mark S. and Edna M. Mordecai Charitable Fund
    Morgan Hill Bookstore
    Martin Salomon Morton and Gustel Schreiber Morton Foundation
    Mount Sunapee Resort
    Mountainside Racquet & Fitness Center
    National Science Foundation
    New Beginnings Hair & Tanning Salon
    New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
    New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
    New Hampshire Humanities Council
    New London Gallery
    The New London Inn
    New London Mini Mart
    Newport Tennis Club
    North Branch Construction, Inc.
    Northeast Shakespeare Ensemble
    Northeast Utilities
    NStar Foundation
    ONEOK Foundation, Incorporated
    Orchard Street Chop Shop, Inc.
    Payne Family Foundation
    Pierson Family Foundation, Incorporated
    New London Pizza Chef
    Procter & Gamble Fund
    Rockwell's at the Inn, The New London Inn
    Schuylkill Center for Environment. Ed.
    Schwab Charitable Fund
    Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation
    Spring Ledge Farm
    Stanley Works Foundation
    State of New Hampshire
    Stats Bar and Grill
    J.A. Stats Restaurant
    Straetz Foundation
    Texas Instruments Foundation
    Richard and Avone Thielen Family Foundation
    Time Warner, Inc.
    TransAlta Corporation
    Corrine C. Turner Foundation
    United Technologies Corporation
    US Charitable Gift Trust
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment
    Village Sports
    Walt Disney Company
    Williams Family Foundation