why i give

Mary Ellen Walker '80

"I know that what I give has a direct impact on improving the college. Every time I visit campus I see new improvements and I am proud to have contributed."

Suzanne Blake Gerety '99

"It's actually fun being a part of the cause and helping other students have the opportunities that I had."

Erik Rocheford '01

"I direct my annual donation toward scholarships so that some other 18 year old out there can have the same great experience that I did."

Chris Houston-Ponchak '06

"I understand how hard it can be to get recent alumni to give. Now, I want to do what I can to help."

Megan Ruggiero '10

"I wanted to give back to the institution that has been shaping my goals, my future, and my life in the best of ways."

Courtney Pike '12

"By giving back to Colby-Sawyer, I am essentially fueling the educational future for so many students."

Kassandra Pike '12

"I donate because doing so embodies the successful future that Colby-Sawyer helped me create."

Edie Corey '16

"I give back to Colby-Sawyer College because it has given me more than I ever thought possible."

Susan Reeves '88

"As a faculty member (as well as an '88 graduate), I am in a good position to see both the need for ongoing financial support and the benefits that our annual gifts provide."

David Levine

"I give to the Colby-Sawyer Fund because I believe in the mission of the college. Having worked here for over a dozen years, I've seen so many students come through, successfully transformed by the "Learning Among Friends" approach."