Mission Statement

Colby-Sawyer College is a private, independent college offering undergraduate and graduate educational programs based in the liberal arts and sciences and designed to prepare students for their professions and lives of ongoing learning. Faculty, staff and students strive for excellence in the college’s engaged teaching and learning community to foster students’ academic, intellectual and personal growth. The college prepares students to thrive in, and make a positive impact upon, a dynamic, diverse, and interdependent world. Colby-Sawyer College was founded as an academy in 1837 and has been engaged in higher education since 1928.

The mission was adopted by the Board of Trustees on Oct. 16, 2015.

Philosophy Statement

Colby-Sawyer College provides a stimulating setting in which close faculty, staff, and student relationships facilitate student learning and growth. The college's educational programs are firmly grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, foster professional preparation, and emphasize connections across disciplines and across the programs of the college. The college is committed to sustaining a dynamic, challenging, supportive, and respectful environment for all campus community members. As members of an academic community, we articulate these commonly held values to provide an educational and aspirational description of the culture of the college.

Values Statement

Excellence: We are dedicated to and strive for excellence as individuals and as a learning community. We hold students responsible for their learning, and the college responsible for providing an environment to facilitate learning. We continuously assess and improve our educational programs for students and the workplace for college employees.

Interconnectedness: We value the interconnected nature of the college's living and learning environment. We foster student learning and growth across the disciplines and across the college's academic and cocurricular programs and offerings, and extending to students' experiences in the community and the workplace environment. We encourage all college community members to be engaged and participate in the college's educational offerings.

Respect: We treat all others with consideration and in a fair and just manner, demonstrating mutual respect and a high regard for one another's rights, perspectives, and opinions. We promote and practice open dialogue, collaboration, and civic engagement. We strive to be diverse and inclusive; we value diversity of background, experience and opinion among community members; and we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment. We are committed to developing and maintaining a healthy educational, living and working environment and to fully integrating sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Integrity: We value and practice honesty, openness and transparency, ensuring information sharing and frank discussion. We practice openness of communication and action with simultaneous respect for the views and professional autonomy of others. We provide accurate information to members of the college community, members of the public, and the appropriate regulatory authorities. We strive to ensure the privacy of faculty, staff and students in areas where confidentiality is expected or required. We demonstrate professional integrity by avoiding or disclosing conflicts of interest. Disagreements are amicably discussed and resolved, and the power inherent in positions of authority is not exploited.

Stewardship: All members are responsible for the safety, security, and fiscal health of our community. We respect the rights of others, and we demonstrate responsible citizenship by maintaining a high standard of conduct and ethical behavior in our dealings and interactions with others.

The philosophy and values statements were adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 10, 2013.