english program

Internships and Careers…

English majors gain valuable professional experience through a required internship.

Clubs and Organizations…

Word Order, the club for English majors, and the student magazine, newspaper and radio station.

English Faculty…

English majors learn from experienced, expert faculty members.

B.A. in English

With its focus on literary studies, the English major at Colby-Sawyer College offers students the opportunity for personal and professional growth as they read, think and write about a broad range of texts which challenge them to question, shape and order human experience. English majors study texts in relation to literary tradition, their own lives and various cultures.

English majors will have the chance to work closely and independently with faculty and develop critical skills that will prepare them for advanced study or a wide variety of professional opportunities.

Minor in English

The minor in English can be combined with any baccalaureate degree.


In addition to the many scholarships for which all Colby-Sawyer students are eligible, there are two special opportunities for English majors. Incoming students may apply for the Special Talent Scholarships in Creative Writing by submitting samples of their poetry and/or fiction.

Another special scholarship for English majors, the Dobbins' Scholarships, are awarded to those students who have demonstrated excellence in English through their coursework in literature and/or the creative work they have submitted to the college's literary magazine.

The English faculty make recommendations for both of these scholarships.


Baccalaureate awards are presented to the graduating students in each baccalaureate program who are selected by the faculty for their interest in and excellence within the major. The Carl M. Cochran Award is given to a student whose major is English. Recipients must be full-time students and have completed at least 50 percent of the credits for graduation at Colby-Sawyer.

The Richard Crosby Memorial Award, established in 1976 in honor of Professor Crosby, a member of the English Department from 1952 to 1976, may be awarded annually to a student for excellence in British literature.

Capstone Project

Every Colby-Sawyer senior completes a Capstone project, a culmination of work in their fields of study that allows them to demonstrate a deep understanding of a body of knowledge and perspectives informed by that knowledge. Visit My Capstone Experience to find out more about student capstones.

Additional Curricula Opportunities…

Students who go on to further studies in law, medicine, veterinary practice and physical therapy can combine any Colby-Sawyer major with a course of study that will prepare them for the next academic step.