VDI- Virtual Desktop Infrastructure- What is it?

VDI delivers a Colby-Sawyer virtual computer to your personal, Internet-connected computer/device - a computer within a computer!

See below for instructions.

Colby-Sawyer VDI provides a virtual on-campus experience including:

  • Access from your home PC, tablet, or smartphone (Windows, Mac, Android or iOS)
  • Microsoft Office and IBM SPSS
  • Direct access to your P: drive
  • Access to Cleveland Library online resources
  • Additional software as it becomes available

VDI computers may be accessed via most current web browsers.
Click this link to log in. Any VDI computers available to you are displayed as clickable icons.

For regular remote users of VDI the installation of the VMware Horizon View client provides a more robust connection. Please follow the links directly below to install the client to your device.
Windows computers
Mac computers
Tablets and smartphones

Click here to see a list of VDI frequently asked questions.