Information Technology

Colby-Sawyer College Library/Learning Center - More Than Just A Barn

An overview of Information Technology facilities must start with the Susan Colgate Cleveland Library/Learning Center, named for Susan Colgate Cleveland, a longtime Trustee land benefactor of the college and granddaughter of the college's first teacher and woman principal. The two pre-Civil War barns attached to the Colby Homestead form the heart of this historically important building complex. Careful restoration of the barn's many charming features, combined with an innovative treatment of space in the five-level structure, invites students to explore intellectual interests as well as providing truly unique study spaces. Where else can one read and study while nested comfortably in an area once used as a hay loft?

The Susan Colgate Cleveland Library/Learning Center provides more than a unique learning environment. It contains approximately 90,000 books carefully selected to support the educational and research needs of our students. The Library also provides access to an extensive collection of online learning resources including research databases and academic journals. Two computer areas have a total of thirty PCs for individual use, and collaboration stations facilitate group study. There are also several group video viewing areas and wireless Internet access is available throughout the library for Colby-Sawyer students. A 25-seat computer classroom is also available for individual and group use when classes are not scheduled.

The Cleveland Colby Colgate Archives - Bringing Research to Life

While the Internet allows for access to a wealth of information,the opportunity to conduct first-hand research based on primary sources is a key component of a liberal studies education. The Cleveland Colby Colgate Archives is located in the wing between the Library and the Colby Homestead, the family home of Anthony Colby, Governor of New Hampshire (1846-1847, and contains college records, documents, artifacts, and other material of significant historical interest to the college and the Colby, Colgate, and Cleveland families. The Archive's "Haystack" website provides online access to many additional archival resources.

The Information Help Desk - One Stop Solution Center

Enabling students to remain focused on their educational objectives is the mission of our Help Desk. While we can't do repairs on all the different devices our students bring to campus, we are able to help most students with most of the software problems or device configuration problems they encounter. The Help Desk is staffed by professionals and student employees dedicated to providing excellent service.

Classrooms - Where faculty and student engagement rules

Colby-Sawyer places great importance on the opportunities students have with each other and with faculty. Information Technology supports the variety of instructional experiences that occur in each of our courses, from the traditional to the high-tech. Nearly all classrooms have computer and projection systems as well as wireless connectivity.

Residence Halls - Expanding learning opportunities

In today's increasingly mobile world, access to information and communication is ubiquitous. All of our Residence Halls are equipped with wireless capabilities. Increasing Internet bandwidth to the campus is a regular investment as students find opportunities to blend their academic needs with their personal interests.

myColby-Sawyer - The Virtual Colby-Sawyer Campus

While strictly not a facility, myColby-Sawyer is a web-based portal accessible to members of the Colby-Sawyer community. It contains the online information and processes that enable the college to more effectively meet the many needs of students, faculty, and staff.