FuseMail (spam filter) instructions

FuseMail (formerly ElectricMail) blocks unwanted email known as spam and email containing viruses. This tool will greatly decrease the unwanted messages arriving in your mailbox daily. Below are instructions outlining how to set up FuseMail initially and how to review blocked messages. Each piece of e-mail that goes through the FuseMail system will be retained on their site for a 7-day period.

All staff and faculty email coming from "outside" CSC is screened. Email sent from on-campus to an @colby-sawyer.edu address does not go through the FuseMail filter. Emails to students' @my.colby-sawyer.edu addresses are not filtered through Electric Mail.

1. The first step is to visit Electric Mail by clicking this link or visiting the Colby-Sawyer College website, Web Gateways page and clicking the Electric Mail link. For first-time setup, click on the “I have never used this system before” link as seen below.

2. Enter your e-mail address and click the “Create an account on MailWise Filter” button.

You will receive the following message:

3. Check your CSC email for a message with your Electric Mail password, which you may change. Recommended: use your same CSC password for convenience. Enter your e-mail address and new password into the login screen.

4. The main menu allows you to change your password, review messages sent to you – both blocked and passed, and manage your personal mail filters. Recommended: under Options, click Blocking Reports. Enable these reports and Electric Mail will send a list (called a "Quarantine Summary") of all screened messages at whatever frequency you choose.

5. From the main menu click on the “Review Messages” button to review blocked messages and release them if desired. You can change your view options but must hit the search button on the right-hand side of the screen to refresh the display.

6. From the main menu click on “Block & Pass” to personalize your filter options. Use this item when FuseMail blocks out message you wish to receive.

Remember: You do not need to remove messages from the FuseMail system. Mail filtered out will be automatically deleted. Also remember that FuseMail may incorrectly block or pass messages occasionally, so it is not a good practice to create a blocking rule for infrequent spam messages that get through.

Please call the Helpdesk (ext. 3800) with any further questions.