Self-Serve Reset Password Management (SSRPM) Instructions

If you remember your password but it doesn't work, then maybe it has expired. Passwords expire after one year. Reset an expired password here.

If you forgot your password you will need to call the Helpdesk.

If, in the future, you would like to be able to reset a forgotten password on your own, follow these instructions to enroll in SSRPM. You cannot enroll without a working password. Call the Helpdesk for a password reset, then come back and enroll.

Click on "Enroll into SSRPM"
Enter current username and password, then click Continue. Click each drop-down box to choose your security questions. Three questions and answers are required. Then click Enroll.

After enrollment is completed ...

Once enrolled you may login to SSRPM with only your username. Click Continue.
Enter answers to your three security questions and enter your new password twice.

Link to SSRPM enrollment page.

Please call the Helpdesk at 603 526 3800 with any questions or problems.