Connecting your Computer

Computers and other wireless devices should connect to ColbyWireless (in the residence hall rooms Ethernet ports are also available). You may connect even if you see a warning message about an unsecured network.

Students living on campus should have an Ethernet cable. Wireless coverage can vary by location, and is heavily used by the many devices students bring to campus. These cables are sold at the campus bookstore. The Ethernet connection is better than the wireless, so having a cable is a good backup plan.

All student personal computers are required to have anti-virus software that is active and up-to-date. Please contact the Helpdesk if you are not sure your computer has this.

It is not permitted to connect any additional routers or other networking devices to data ports in residence halls.

We cannot provide support for web-connected gaming systems.

Please call the Helpdesk at extension 3800 with any questions.