Connecting to the P Drive On Campus

All students, staff, and faculty are provided with a file storage folder on the campus network. We call this the "P: Drive". When logged on to any college-owned (classroom, lab or office) computer, the P: drive is automatically connected (or "mapped") and found in Computer in the Start menu. P: drive contents live on servers which are backed up regularly.

These instructions are for personal computers connected to the campus wireless or wired network, NOT from an internet connection.

For Windows computers we provide a tool to make this connection. (Macintosh users please click here.)

Click the link:

Download P Drive Mapper Utility Zip File

Click Open or Run on security warnings.

A window appears with a file called cscdrivemap.exe. Copy and paste, or drag and drop this file to a place where it can be easily found and used again, e.g. the Downloads or Documents folder.

Double click the file cscdrivemap.exe, enter your user ID and password, then click the large button Click here to map P: and X: drives.

A success message popup appears: Your network drives are ready to use. The P: and X: drives will be found in "Computer" in the Start menu. You may need to re-use this tool on subsequent computer sessions, or re-enter your user name and password.

Please call the Helpdesk at 3800 with any questions.