Where Does my Help come from?

Where Does my Help come from?
If life is up to evolution,
What then, common man, is the solution?
The complexities of our physiology,
The intricacy of our psychology, No room today for a creator,
A society built to fit and tailor,
Biological needs,
Eat and sleep and breathe,
But where is the fun in that,
With the miracle of life all around,
One life, steadfast we are bound,
By some greater purpose;
I must contend, dear friend,
Is tomorrow so important? Or is it a beginning of the end?
But stop right there, right in your tracks,
Our bodies can stop too, victim of heart attack,
So no matter how amazing our body can be,
We are still human, you and me,
God was human once too,
A man named Jesus, Came for me and for you,
So extend your arms to the miracle of life,
Biology and science can be a truthful vice,
But their grace can never reach the height,
Of a man who made the eternal sacrifice.

-Brandon Baker

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