Artistic Statement

This philosophical, visual, poetic and beautiful website is devoted to promoting the reading, writing, and experiencing of poetry and fiction.

As students of literature and creative writing, we constantly grapple with a question:
What is it that we pay tribute to when we write? We believe that art deepens our relationship with the reality by opening up the space between life and mystery; and by awakening the sense of wonder and awe. Poetry is wild and spastic, spontaneous and rejuvenating, painful and tiresome; poetry is pieces of the soul shown and heard through language of experience. Poetry enters into the places in the heart of which we did not even know or which did not yet exist.

Hence, we wish to promote what makes us wonder – do you wonder too?

We want to find out:

  • what a pineapple is made of,
  • the elegance of an Egrete,
  • hoopoes of exile,
  • how the light shines through my window as a truck drives by,
  • why all people can relate,
  • what the inside of a tree feels like,
  • why trees wear white mittens in the winter,
  • if my soul is in every picture of me,
  • the condensing and retracting natural actions of a coral,
  • the nature of waltzing water flowers,
  • drumming vespers of a seahorse,
  • the dreams of Tanzanite owls,
  • the nature of snow dunes and ingratitude of Holy Albatrosses,
  • why with nature's absence, comes yearning

We are in love with words.

“We would like to remain faithful to uncertain clarity.”
   -Zbigniew Herbert