A Clear View

Looking upon the world from afar.
An outsider merely taking a break.
A break from the chaos of everyday life.
What is right, what is wrong.
Looking back gives answers, easing the frustration.
The height of my frustration further clouds my thoughts.
Fogging my vision, barring what should be simple.
Life is full of noise, commotion and distractions.
I run from my problems, taking the easy way out.

I've given up on life,
seen the hurt and raw emotions that are inflicted in everyday life.
My heart has been broken,
the only way to fix it, is to break the rest of me.
My nerves are jumping to get out of my skin.
I feel the hammer of my pulse in my neck.
The wind will catch me.
It's the easy way out,
but my worries are ripped from my skin.

-Cassandra Monahan

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