Online Liberal Arts Associate Degree

Program Description

Associate degree candidates follow the Liberal Education Program, which introduces students to the liberal arts and sciences, helps them to develop competency in writing and mathematics, and permits them to explore other fields. Students in this program work closely with an advisor to choose elective courses that meet the student’s educational, career or exploration goals. As such, students selecting this program may chose to focus on a discipline area or theme or explore the broader disciplines in their elective courses. To earn an associate degree, students must earn a minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average and complete 60 credits of study, including the requirements in the liberal education program. Students who earn the Associate Degree often continue for two more years to earn a baccalaureate degree. This progress toward the Bachelor degree can readily be done at Colby-Sawyer College. Transfer students are welcome to the program.

Program Admissions Requirements

High School Diploma or GED.

Program Outcomes

  • Learn and apply a broad body of knowledge.
  • Enrich and deepen self-knowledge.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think creatively and critically by analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information.
  • Communicate and interact effectively.
  • Ability to act ethically and professionally.
  • Understand and employ multiple perspectives.

Suggested Registration Sequence – Courses Available Each Semester

Registration for Summer online courses enables faster completion.

View detailed course descriptions in the College Catalog.

First Year
Fall Spring
FYS101 (4 credits)
WRT101 (4 credits)
HUMXXX (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
FPAXXX (4 credits)
QLXXX (4 credits)
SOCXXX (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Second Year
Fall Spring
SCIXXX (4 credits)
ISTXXX (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
HISXXX (4 credits)
Literature (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)

Career Pathways

Completion of the Associate Degree in Liberal Arts allows you:

  • Transfer to a Baccalaureate degree.

  • Explore educational and/or career goals.

Contact Person

For more information about the Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, contact Admissions at or call (800) 272-1015.


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