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An Incredible Journey

So our group parted ways this morning. Not a great sea storm or even a General Strike in Basque country would stop them. Of course, for the one left behind, the day was a bit complicated. Because of the strike, most businesses remained closed in solidarity with the trade unions. Protesters filled the streets waving […]

Quixoteans, Panzas y Rosenantes

After a walk along the river and through the town, we Quixoteans, Panzas y Rosenantes set off for the cathedral town of Burgos. Burgos is important for three things; two of them are its cathedral and the fact that was the home of Rodrigo, El Cid. The cathedral is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. It […]

Hola from Segovia!

The Romans occupied Segovia before the great piglet chefs. The product of their genius is most visible in the aqueduct—a structure consisting of 44 arches and more than 2,400 large stones, it brought clean water from the mountains to the city. While gypsy women plied their wares below the aqueduct (one of us purchased a […]