An Incredible Journey

by Tom Galligan

So our group parted ways this morning. Not a great sea storm or even a General Strike in Basque country would stop them. Of course, for the one left behind, the day was a bit complicated. Because of the strike, most businesses remained closed in solidarity with the trade unions. Protesters filled the streets waving labor flags, singing the Basque anthem and protest songs, and shooting off fireworks. The demonstrations were interesting but my grumbling stomach made me agree with them as least as far as the idea that basic needs must be met. So, facing gale force winds, I set off in search of food. As I searched I snacked on trail mix and marzapans that Tatiana had kindly left me. I finally found a small bar that had one Pintxo left and a Diet Coke. Another bakery had two croissants fresh from the oven – very different from the wine-accompanied sumptuous meals we had feasted on for the last 10 days. But for this starving Gringo in Basqueland they seemed like a meal fit for a king. And as I ate, I thought of my comrades, alums and friends of Colby-Sawyer, making their way home or to new destinations. What an incredible journey we had together.

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