2011-2012 annual report of gifts

The Colby-Sawyer College community is honored to share this 2011-2012 Annual Report of Gifts. Your support of the Colby-Sawyer Fund makes a profound difference, and is essential for the college's continued vitality. When you choose to make a gift to the Colby-Sawyer Fund, you make an investment in today's students and Colby-Sawyer's future. You help to expand academic excellence and opportunities for rich discovery in and beyond the classroom. A gift to the Colby-Sawyer Fund strengthens scholarships, athletics, student life, faculty development, and more.

What a year! With tremendous support from alumni, colleagues, trustees and friends, we met the 2011-2012 4K Challenge! More than 3,000 alumni and over 4,000 total donors contributed to the Colby-Sawyer Fund during this last fiscal year.

Together, we've moved alumni participation from 17 percent to 24 percent in one year! Through your engagement, generosity and commitment to go the distance, we were also able to collect an additional $200,000 for the Fund, which directly benefits the college and our current and future students.

The successes from the last year launch us into an exciting new year at Colby-Sawyer. The college celebrates is 175th Anniversary with the release of a newly updated college logo, new improvements to the physical campus, new talented faculty and the largest incoming class of first-year students we've ever had. Thank you to all of our donors for helping to make much of this possible through your financial support. We hope you will be inspired to continue to make a difference in the lives of our students by joining us with a Colby-Sawyer Fund gift this year, and again, thank you for making the college a philanthropic priority.