2012-2013 annual report of gifts

Dear Friends:

As I write these words, on an unseasonably cool summer day, I am warmed by the fact that at Colby-Sawyer things are heating up! We are preparing for the arrival of our new students and the return of our upper class students and our fantastic faculty. The start of another wonderful school year is upon us. We are launching new online programs, geared towards students of all ages and backgrounds. We are planning and strategizing, making important decisions to ensure the college's place as a leader in liberal education for generations to come.

The landscape of higher education is changing. Small, tuition-dependent private colleges like Colby-Sawyer are facing difficult economic realities. We know there are challenges ahead for us, but we also know what you know: Colby-Sawyer is a very special place. I believe this deep in my heart and I know you do, too. This college offers our students a truly singular educational experience and will continue to do so. Support from alumni and friends will be the difference in our success as we move forward through difficult times. We value and need your support now more than ever.

In the fiscal year that just concluded, over 3,000 people showed their faith in us by supporting the Colby-Sawyer Fund. Together, these donors combined to give $1.34 Million, which will have an immediate and necessary impact. Support for scholarships provides much-need financial aid for students who would not otherwise benefit from a Colby-Sawyer education. Support for our academic and athletic programs, for our campus infrastructure, and for our faculty and staff ensure that the experience we provide our students will be the very best that we can offer.

As you look through this annual report, reading the names of all those who supported us last year, consider that every name on the list belongs to someone who believes in Colby-Sawyer. You will find my name on the list, because I believe, along with thousands of other donors, that Colby-Sawyer College is truly worthy of support.


Thomas C. Galligan Jr.
President and Professor of Humanities

Please note that we strive for accuracy in reporting our donors. If you see something that isn't correct, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as we can.