2013-2014 annual report of gifts

Dear Friends,

Every gift you make to Colby-Sawyer has a profound positive impact on a student's life and on the well-being of our campus community. Your support makes higher education possible for students who could not otherwise afford it. Your support allows us to buy the equipment and materials we need to teach today. Your support underwrites faculty course development, teaching, innovation, research, and creative endeavors. Your support improves the experience of our students in athletics, on stage, in field studies, and in co-curricular activities. In short, we would not be the Colby-Sawyer we are without your generous gifts.

Your faith in what we do inspires us every day to continue with our important goal of improving the world through the education we make available to our students. As this report shows, this year you selflessly gave and truly helped us to fulfill our mission. We are extremely humbled and incredibly grateful for all you do, have done, and we hope, will continue to do for our college on the hill in New London, New Hampshire.


Thomas C. Galligan Jr.
President and Professor of Humanities

Please note that we strive for accuracy in reporting our donors. If you see something that isn't correct, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as we can.